Jim Sinclair: “The IMF went after the central bank of the Russian elite and former KGB, and the Russians simply will not stand still for that.”

If you are a follower of economic news and believe in the tagline of this site -  that those who have the gold make the rules, you owe it to yourself to read and re-read this incredible & timely interview with Jim Sinclair on King World News.  With the recent news of the cabal’s attempted seizure of depositor’s money Jim Sinclair delivers this stunning expose of the IMF bank.

The information here points to an imminent and watershed moment within the global financial system, long overdue in my opinion.

Source: King World News

Today legendary trader Jim Sinclair told King World News that the Cyprus disaster is much bigger than what is being reported and the implications are stunning.  Sinclair, who was once called on by former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker to assist during a Wall Street crisis, had this to say in this extraordinary and exclusive KWN interview:

“If people believe that $13 billion is the total of this bailout, they are out of their minds.  $130 billion is not the true total of even the Russian deposits in Cyprus banks.  One important Russian businessman, in his various business enterprises, would have $100 billion on deposit himself.  10% of all deposits in Cypress could be $500 billion or more because Cyprus is the banking entity for Russia, not Switzerland or Grand Cayman.”

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Jim Sinclair Calls Gold at $4,400 before taking over as currency for the Golden Age

Source: JS Mineset

Dear CIGAs,

The new normal in Gold, the “Comet Gold Resistance Movement,” is your ticket to a sound monetary system. This will be followed by a period of long-term industrial growth as the world has never seen based on ultimate money, forced by the actions of the market place, not a product of any numbered group, be it G20, or G anything.

Since there is no doubt at all that the price of gold is going to and through $3500 with unimaginable volatility, I once again would like to suggest as in all wars that when a battle has been lost, the rise of the Gold and Silver Resistance Force, a militia of sorts in the market.

The reason behind this suggestion is explained below as the economic axiom known as Gresham’s Law operating in the Central Banks of the BRICs whereby gold is being accumulated with a goal of 15% of the reserve balance. To create this reserve goal you can reduce the fiat reserves as well as increase the gold reserves. You can reduce your fiat reserves by long term contracts in dollars by parastatal accumulation of resources and the means of production. The goal of 15% of reserves are the currency gold, and gold’s ascent in the marketplace due to the effect of Gresham’s Law to an accepted currency form. This is something the West has no control over. All the West can do is to attempt to inflict outrageous volatility into gold thereby trying to make confidence in the price of gold hard for those that do not understand. I have started to suggest this movement in the video repeated at least 6 times here that states, “Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves.”

All you need to do every time the US Treasury and Fed seek to make the gold market outrageously volatile via their friends, the gold banks, is to do nothing. Consider the volatile gold market to be the lion in the following video CIGA Pat sent to us. You are the photographer. Accomplish in the market place what this wildlife photographer did in the field, and you will still have all your gold insurance when gold finally trades solidly at $4400. When gold breaks above $3500 and $4000, as it will do, the US Treasury and Fed via their friends and relatives at the Gold Banks will run gold from $3500 to $4990 and back again a few times before gold settles into the currency as described above at $4400 for the beginning of the greatest economic expansion the world has ever seen.

You must join my Comet Gold Resistance Movement, a golden militia armed with courage to do just one thing. Do nothing, stand still in positions in gold without ant debt, and ignore the enemy of fear within and gold banks without. The market made mad by the Gold Banks will approach your jewels, but you must be internally quiet.

There is a writer made famous in the gold community in their rare ability to feel the pain of another who wrote a now famous article while un-free titled, “Gold $5000.” He is now scaring his benefactors by calling for gold to return to a very long term uptrend line at lower prices. Should that occur, he is willing to sell you his system as a computer program for $20,000,000 US dollars. Knowingly or not, he is a tool of the Gold Bank’s banks to create unprecedented volatility in the gold price. Join my Comet New Normal Gold Resistance Movement, a true non violent but armed militia. This is the way to protect yourself and thereby get to the other side still holding the preeminent currency.

In two weeks I will have printed certificates signed for you representing membership in the Resistance, but without your name or other identification. There will be no meetings, no charges, not even expenses. When you are long your good gold companies, mining money, and your physical gold at a sound $4400, protected from the inflation we are already experiencing multiplied by a minimum of 25, you will know your Resistance membership and your mindset will have gotten you there.

You must have a brain to know and eyes to see in order to understand what the end game is. Know that you have a tool to fight back, which is explained in the following video. Stand emotionally and mentally silent doing absolutely nothing whatsoever as the Gold Banks play the Western egocentric dislike for gold’s final roll in the end game.When the lions are close, all you have to do is do nothing. This is the Constitution of the Comet’s Gold Resistance Movement.


Gresham’s Law, not international edict, will reform the monetary system. Gold’s role in money is moving towards officialdom not by edict, but by Gresham’s Law. The difference now is that this concept of Gresham’s Law inhabits central banks of the “Real New Normal,” the rise of the influence of the BRICS and is spreading worldwide.

From Wikipedia:Gresham’s law is an economic principle that states: “When a government compulsorily overvalues one type of money and undervalues another, the undervalued money will leave the country or disappear from circulation into hoards, while the overvalued money will flood into circulation.” Note please that the US Treasury still holds firmly to the mad concept that their gold, if there is any not compromised, at $42. More…

Over 190 million paper ounces of Silver dumped within minutes of NFP release

Source: JS Mineset


My Dear Friends,

There is much discussion this weekend of the following:

Almost 192 million ounces of paper Silver were ‘dumped’ on the market Friday within ten minutes upon the NFP release. This is the equivalent to one-quarter of the world’s annual physical Silver production. –CIGA RS.

Have you for a moment considered that 192 million ounces of silver were purchased on the market on Friday within 10 minutes?

Respectfully yours,


Jim Sinclair’s Sunday “In the News” covers rogue artificial intelligence controlling markets, lives


By Jim Sinclair in the category In The News

My Dear Friends,

Admitting reality is a prerequisite for understanding markets.

Exchanges that are public gain their value from the volume of trading. Therefore they will protect volume makers at whatever cost, even the cost of a viable future for the exchange is ignored by management and regulators in order to provide an exchange higher quoted value.

Regards, Jim

Nanex: Investors Need to Realize The Machines Have Taken Over The blink of an eye is a lifetime for HFT algos
By Adam Taggart Saturday, October 6, 2012, 2:24 PM

High Frequency Trading (HFT) deeply concerns Eric Hunsader, founder of Nanex. He worries that today’s investors, our regulators, — heck, even the HFT algorithms themselves — don’t fully understand the risks market prices face in the brave new era of bot-dominated trading.

For instance, Hunsader estimates that HFT algorithms are responsible for 70%(!) of all completed transactions on our exchanges, and for 99.9%(!!!) of all exchange quotes.

The pictures of trading floors you see on TV, where the people in bright jackets appear frantically busy in making their trades, have no bearing — claims Hunsader — on the actual trading action. The real action happens across fiber-optic cables, on racks of servers in cooled rooms; where an arms race defined by cable length and switching speeds is being waged

The reality is that the machines have taken over. When you buy or sell a security, the odds are extremely high the other side of the trade is being placed by an algorithm — one that cares nothing for the fundamentals of the underlying instrument. It simply is looking to make a quick profit, oftentimes measured in fractions of pennies. And this has vast repercussions for the stability and the fairness of our financial markets.

Because of speed advantages, HFT algos can see and react to prices faster than you can. Ridiculously faster. A second on the clock, to an HFT algo, is an eternity.

The deep pockets of the firms emplying HFT algos combine with this speed to move asset prices around, sometimes wildly so, faster than most of us can comprehend. In the time it takes for your “real-time” quote system to refresh, an individual stock could have traded many percetages up and/or down — and you would have no idea.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Mr. Budders thanks whomever sent this from St. Johnbury, Vermont. Now he will not need the dryer to stay warm.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Now you know the inspiration for our present money. Someone was trying to tell the sheeple something.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Whatever is required will be provided both in time and in cash.

IMF’s Christine Lagarde backs more time for Greece
October 2012 Last updated at 12:30 ET

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) head, Christine Lagarde, has backed calls for Greece to have more time to meet the targets of its bailout.

She said in a BBC debate held in Tokyo that this might be better than “frontloading heavily”, or making Greece pay the most upfront.

But the biggest contributor to Greece’s bailouts, Germany, rebuffed the idea.

“We have to stick to what we announced,” Germany’s Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble replied.

Greece has asked for two more years to meet the spending cuts demanded by its lenders, which include the eurozone countries through its bailout funds and also the IMF.

Ms Lagarde backed the calls, but Mr Schaeuble stuck to Germany’s previous line that on the terms of the 130bn-euro (£105bn; $168bn) bailout – Greece’s second since 2010 – Athens must be held to what it agreed.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

There was no defense force able to stave off the organized attack of the US embassy. MSM reports on the attack were brazen lies.

Why should you be surprised by the pre-election employment figures of either the pre-election crude and gold markets?

Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

A meeting of the gang.