Follow up: Bill Wood’s interview with Project Camelot

Part of being conscious is having confidence in your own intuition. Somehow, our intuition tells us what we already instinctively know and it is the essence of what it means to be human to draw upon our higher levels of consciousness to change the physical reality we all live in.

It is this same force; call it intuition, synchronicity, or a gut feeling that has me convinced that the independently corroborated stories of Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock and Bill Woods are legitimate and real. As Reagan used to say; Trust, but verify.

I have written about, cited, and investigated the lengthy testimony from both Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock. The interesting thing about their sources and information is that much of what they say will unintentionally intertwine within my own psyche. Coincidentally Wilcock began conducting interviews with Fulford, further corroborating his information and resulting in the public disclosure of a lawsuit against the New World Order.

Synchronistically I found a lot of the information Bill Wood discussing in his first interview to be congruent with the information Wilcock put forth in his book, Source Field Investigations. To my surprise, I recently discovered a 3 hour question and answer session with Bill Wood and David Wilcock which resolves some of the credibility issues with Wood and further confirms the information both David and Bill present.