Noble Gas Plasma Engine to be Revealed at Power-Gen Conference in Florida

Source: American Kabuki

The Noble gas Engine will be revealed to the World on Dec. 11, 2012 at the Power-Gen conference in Orlando FloridaInteligentry, TPT, and Plasmerg will have 6 booths in the conference along with companies manufacturing the engine or selling products using the Noble gas engine.

On display will be an engine running a generator/alternator. Since the engine neither consumes fuel or expells waste, it can be run inside. It has no intake or exhaust.  The engine on display will be a two cylinder noble gas plasma engine and possibly a prototype four cylinder engine. The six cylinder will come out some where around July or August 2013.
Researchers think it will run for at least 1 1/2 years 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on one noble gas fill, maybe even longer. One prototype of an earlier version of the engine has now run 1 1/2 years in Michigan.  Others are in testing in locations around the world according to John Rohner.

When it hits the world will feel the ground shake, This will have a huge impact on oil companies and internal combustion engine and part manufacturers. The noble gas engine has no carburetor, valves, intake/ exhaust manifold, gas tanks.

This will make solar, and wind obsolete (they are much more expensive). The biggest impact will be in transportation (cars, trucks, ships/boats, trains and planes).  Its impact won’t stop there.  Nuclear generation will feel it too. Then of course the Environmental benefits are absolutely NO carbon monoxide or carbond dioxide (CO2). Global warming due to carbon dioxide emissions will be a non-issue. Upon adoption, CO2 levels will start to drop.

This will have BIG opposition from vested interests who make huge profits from carbon fuels.
It will be be a big fight! So when this comes out SUPPORT IT… SCREAM AND YELL “WE NEED THIS NOW” They’ll be less likely to try to kill it.  This is a huge advance for our health and the health of the planet.


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The Irish Sue The Banks

My grandmother immigrated from rural Ireland to Washington D.C. in 1954 to seek opportunity in the great United States of America.  I sometimes try to imagine how that journey must have been for a 17 year old single child with no father who moved from a cottage without running water to the capitol of the free world.   For her to experience 1950′s post war America at such a young age…the transition must have been something to behold.  She has always been so appreciative of the American way of life (freedom) and hoped the family she created could benefit from that.

Unfortunately as I have grown older I have seen the dreams of my grandparents shattered as families around us have fallen apart, war and propaganda have divorced us from reality and the banking interests that she sought refuge from have still tightened their grip over American lives.  That’s why I am so grateful to be able to send her the below video, which will hopefully raise her spirits and give her a new sense that the freedom she immigrated for may actually (finally) be on the horizon afterall.


Constitution Halts Sheriff

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