Latest Fulford: “There is a growing consensus in both Asian and Western intelligence sources that Rome is the location of a rogue ancient artificial intelligence”


As the battle for control of the global financial system rages towards a climax, murders, provocations and disinformation campaigns are all escalating. The disappearance of Xi Xinping, the man who is supposed to be the new leader of China, is one example. Xi Xinping vanished from the public spot-light for two weeks to hide his bruises after being beaten up by his handlers, according to two separate high-ranking Chinese sources. Xi works for Jean Daniel Cohen of the French Hoche group and has been ordered to provoke anti-Japanese demonstrations in China, according to one of these sources. Mr. Cohen has not returned this writer’s call asking to confirm this.

The Japanese junior officer corps nearly fell for the recent Chinese provocations (including the sending of warships to disputed Islands) and demanded war before cooler, senior heads warned them it was all a trap.
The murder last week of Japan’s Financial services Minister Tadahiro Matsushita was linked to a cabal attempt to extort money, Japanese public security police sources say. Matsushita had refused to hand over $5 trillion

to agents working for the cabal. Matsushita was forced to write wills at gunpoint and was then drugged and strangled, according to the police sources. The sudden death of Shinichi Nishimiya, Japan’s newly appointed ambassador to China is believed to be linked to the cabal, although investigations have just begun.

These murders and other un-reported ones elsewhere are part of an attempt by the cabal to extort money to prevent the bankruptcy of the United States of America corporation (as opposed to the American Republic).

The owners of the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate, for their part, have been trying to steal money wherever they can. In one of their maneuvers a General Rosiere (first name not known) has been travelling around with a flotilla of battleships stealing gold from Indonesia, the Philippines and elsewhere, White Dragon Society sources say. The stolen gold has been taken to the Freeport mine in Indonesia before being moved on to Hong Kong for re-smelting. Henry Kissinger has been an executive at the Freeport mining company.

In a separate scam two cabal agents Keith Benedict and Terrance Wayne, working with someone named Tonni in Indonesia have been running an international network of foreign exchange booths run by Indian nationals. These booths have acted as an information collection source to identify large stores of cash and other valuables for the cabal to steal, according to CIA sources in Europe. Until these crooks are arrested, it may be wise to avoid certain money changers.

Meanwhile, the various troubles in the Middle East are all being coordinated as an ongoing operation Gladio in the Middle East and Europe. The recent anti-Islam film that has been blamed for causing unrest was made by Nazi agent Terry Jones, according to an MI5 sources in London. Jones is part of a Frankfurt, Germany based George Bush Senior operation known as COREA. Other Nazi agents, acting in concert and on cue, then proceeded to carry out violent acts targeting US and other Western embassies throughout the Middle East.

However, most of these incidents are either fake or grossly exaggerated. The big stories about the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya being attacked and American diplomats being killed is a prime example. All you have to do is go to the US State Department home page to confirm that there has never been a US consulate in Benghazi.

The attempts to foment unrest are being met with disgust by ordinary citizens in both Europe and the Middle East and it is certain the attempt to use these incidents to start a “New World Order,” with a single world religion, are blowing up in their faces.

Speaking about blowing up in their faces, Vincenzo Mazzara, a Cavalier of the Teutonic Knights who this writer has accused of trying to murder him twice, contacted me through an intermediary last week.

Mazzara, together with Daniel Dal Bosco and Leo Zagami were recorded by intelligence agency sources saying that they had “nearly got me,” after I was stabbed with a needle after a speaking engagement in June.

There is now enough evidence to bring attempted murder charges against all three of these individuals together with their puppets Ichiro Ozawa and Yasuhiro Nakasone.

Secret negotiations have been initiated between the White Dragon Society and the P2. The P2 Lodge has been asked to stop its anti-social behavior and offered forgiveness in exchange. They have also been warned that professional cleaning teams are in place and waiting for the green light should negotiations break apart.

There is a growing consensus in both Asian and Western intelligence sources that Rome is the location of a rogue ancient artificial intelligence that can only be terminated by deleting Rome. The White Dragon Society is opposed to destroying such a historically valuable city and hopes to prevent such a drastic move.

In any case, although there is much that we cannot write at this time, we can report that some extremely heavy hitters are saying they will be making big moves against the cabal this week. Time for talk is quickly running out for the cabal.


Fed Launches QE3 (to infinity), Gold bugs and market watchers lose their S**T!

Fed ‘Currency Debasement 3′ (QE3) Sees Gold and Silver Surge 2% and 4.3%

“Bernanke’s announcement of further money printing and ultra loose monetary policies saw gold and silver surge in all currencies yesterday. Gold rose $34.30 or 1.98% in New York and closed at $1,732.00. Silver soared to a high of $34.781 and finished with a gain of 4.34%.

Ron Paul: “Country Should Panic Over Fed’s Decision”

“The consequence of what the Fed is doing is a lot more than just CPI. It has to do with malinvestment and people doing the wrong things at the wrong time. Believe me, there is plenty of that. The one thing that Bernanke has not achieved and it frustrates him, I can tell—is he gets no economic growth. He doesn’t do anything with the unemployment numbers. I think the country should have panicked over what the Fed is saying that we have lost control and the only thing we have left is massively creating new money out of thin air, which has not worked before, and is not going to work this time.”

Norcini – A Violent Wave Of Short Covering In Gold & Silver

“The stock market hit four and a half year highs, gold is knocking on the door of $1,800, and silver is pushing up toward $35.50.  There was a flood of hot money that had been on the sidelines which came roaring back into the market.  While hard assets were flying high, the US dollar continued to break down.

Felix Zulauf – Gold, Systemic Collapse & The End Of Fiat Money


Operation Screw: The Fed goes all-in on QE

The geniuses at the Federal Reserve have concocted a bold new plan to revive the U.S. economy — print a bunch of money, loan it to Americans at super low interest rates so they can speculate on rising real estate prices, extract the appreciated equity and spend it on consumer goods. In other words, build an economy of real estate, by real estate, and for real estate. The only problem is we’ve been there and done that. The last time it almost destroyed the U.S.economy. I guess almost isn’t quite good enough for the Fed, so now it’s determined to finish the job.

Michael Pento: “I give it a 99% chance that QE3 will be announced on Thursday.”

Source: King World News

Today Michael Pento surprised King World News when he said that he expects gold to hit new all-time highs, and continue moving to the $2,300 level early next year.  Pento, of Pento Portfolio Strategies, also discussed what to expect from central planners this week and how it will impact key markets. Here is what Pento had to say about gold and the Fed: 

“I would expect that we are going to march our way to a new nominal high.  I give it a 99% chance that QE3 will be announced on Thursday.  There will be some form of quantitative easing announced on Thursday.  That will be some combination of ceasing to pay interest on excess reserves or an outright schedule of monetary purchases.”

Pento Continues:

“If that occurs, I think gold approaches its nominal high of $1,920 an ounce, and it inexorably rises close to $2,300 an ounce by early 2013.  I do not measure the value of the US dollar against another flawed fiat currency like the euro.  The ECB has already announced a ‘sterilized version’ of unlimited purchases of sovereign debt.

Now as I went into my (latest) piece on King World News, these purchases will not be completely sterilized….

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Peter Schiff: “The US will be on a Gold standard in one or two years”


Source: King World News

Today Peter Schiff stunned King World News when he said the US could be back on a gold standard “… in a year or two.” Schiff also said, “I would have expected a (financial) collapse to have already happened.” Schiff went on to warn, “… at this point I’m going to assume there is no more stay of execution and we are going to have our crisis coming up right after Europe.” But first, Schiff had this to say regarding Bernanke and his Jackson Hole speech: “QE3 is coming. He’s got that card up his sleeve. It’s been hidden up there for a long time. He’s reluctant to admit it, but he will play it eventually. He’s going to be coy about it because he doesn’t want to actually come out and reveal his hand.” Continue Reading @ King World News…