We Have The Power

Source: Portal 2012

Despite appearances, we have the power. Free will is the ultimate law in this universe and when a critical mass of people makes a decision for the planetary liberation and insists long enough, that liberation inevitably comes. This is the highest natural law and the Cabal will have to obey it, willingly or unwillingly, and release the surface of this planet to humanity.

When a critical mass of human beings gathers with a focused intent, it can have a drastic effect on the planetary situation. The critical mass for humanity fluctuates somewhere between 100,000 and 150,000 people.

We have managed to gather about one quarter million participants for the Peace Portal Activation on August 25th, 2013 and we have managed to avert the possible military invasion into Syria.

Global Consciousness Project, directed by Roger Nelson from Princeton University, studies the effect of synchronized human consciousness at events of planetary importance, on random number generators. The project does not measure if the effect is positive or negative, it registers only a deviation from statistically expected results:


This project has proven beyond reasonable doubt (the odds against chance are more than a trillion to one) that unified human consciousness does have an effect that is far from random:


This project has found out that Peace Portal Activation (p=0.027) has affected global consciousness more than any event since beginning of 2013, except for Nelson Mandela’s »death« in December last year (p=0.013). It had more effect than resignation of the former Pope (p=0.087), election of the current Pope (p=0.186), Boston false flag event (p=0.765) and Sochi Olympics (p=0.202)! And about the same effect as the 9-11 false flag event in 2001 (p=0.031):


Factor p represents probability that a certain event generated its effects by chance. It is a fairly good measure of a global coherence of consciousness on the surface of the planet. The lower the number, the more powerful the coherence of consciousness is.

Aion Portal Activation on November 23rd, 2013 has also reached the critical mass and a tangible result was the Iran peace agreement just a few hours after the activation. The effect of the Aion Portal Activation on the human consciousness is measured here:


We can influence the coherence of consciousness on the planet everyday, not only at portal activations. Exposing truth through the alternative media and mass protests, if they persist long enough, are the most effective ways to achieve that coherence. When the critical mass of truth will be exposed through alternative media, it will trigger a chain reaction of the planetary awakening which will be synchronized with the Event through the Galactic pulse.

The Galactic Central Sun is the source of our free will and of course the Cabal can not stop the Galactic Central Sun! Nor can they stop the cosmic wave of Light which accelerates the key breakthroughs in evolution to happen faster and faster, converging into a mega breakthrough point in our near future:

We are far more powerful than it sometimes appears:


Despite the mainstream media blackout, mass protests have reached the United States (the country with the strongest Cabal control) and this is a very good sign that we are close to the breakthrough:


When this realization penetrates through the masses, it will help co-create the Event.

The other crucial factor is the fact that the Fed does not have the gold:


People are beginning to realize the fact that gold is gone:


Again, when this realization penetrates through the masses, it will help co-create the Event and the Reset of the financial system as the critical mass of trust in the fiat system will be gone.

The Cabal has made some desperate moves lately, like »suiciding« the bankers and manipulating color revolutions in Ukraine and Venezuela by Jesuit-backed Blackwater/Xe/Academi snipers and their Muslim Brotherhood cohorts killing people and inciting violence.

It is good to note that the same Muslim Brotherhood propaganda pamphlets that were handed out in Egypt were also given to Ukrainian protesters:


We are entering a very interesting period in a few days. Let me conclude by making a hint that mass arrest scenario is not the only aspect of the plan to remove the Cabal from power.

Victory of the Light is near!

The Physics of Ascension

By Georgi Stankov, March 30, 2013


The last message from April’s HS has introduced and addressed some fundamental physical concepts of the ascension process, which are inherent to the nature of Energy = All-That-Is and can be easily and congruently assessed with the new physical theory of the Universal Law. Let me quote the most important statements from April’s latest message, before I proceed with my explanations:

“Basically with this final wave you now find yourself in the beginning (soon to be moderate) stage of detonation. When this takes place as it is now, your inner Merkabah increases it’s rotational velocityquite profoundly, as does Gaia’s since you are all in this together, as well as Cosmic and Galactic Merkabic structures, as all are connected, activated, and impacted thusly. THIS IS YOUR DETONATION FUEL AS THE LAUNCH SEQUENCE HAS ALREADY COMMENCED. This might also explain why many of you are feeling clumsy, dizzy, etc…

And remember, you are literally paving/creating the ID split/separating the timelines with your tornadic/merkabic currents as Source’s final transfiguring surge/wave moves and builds within your being. This will only continue to intensify in the short, remaining time that you have in 3D. But try and also remember that not only are you the vortex/tornado, you are also the eye of the storm as well. This also helps to explain the shifting in perception from pain/suffering to bliss/expansion throughout the day.”

Please note the two key terms that have been introduced in this text: “rotational velocity” and vortex/tornado = tornadic/mercabic currents = rotational system = Source surge /wave“. I will explain their physical meaning below as they are the key to a proper understanding of the ascension process from a physical point of view.

If you may remember, I myself started talking about my personal energy field turning into a “huge vortex /tornado /centrifuge” in my descriptions of this process in the regular energy updates several days before April’s message. This was exactly what I sensed physically and energetically, especially during the “three days of darkness“, although this sensation is as old as my LBP. It was only hugely augmented in the last days prior to the detonation of the PAT supernova.

For instance I have explained more than 12 years ago the high pitched tone in our ears, predominantly on the left side of the head that comes with the opening of the left brain portal,which connects all PAT members directly with the source. This portal is actually a powerful vortex that rotates with a huge rotational velocity (you have now the term used by April’s HS) and thus involves all the gas molecules in the air in this extremely powerful circular motion. The gas molecules collide in the huge vortex of the left brain portal in an orderly manner, and not as a Brown movement normally, and this rotational movement and collision of the molecules in the atmosphere create this high pitched tone you hear incessantly since the beginning of your LBP and the opening of the left brain portal (which is by the way still closed in most LW). The higher frequency energies beyond the electromagnetic spectrum, which we now receive from the source make no sound themselves. This is very important to observe.

From April’s latest message, it becomes clear that our personal fields have now become huge vortices, which expand in infinity and merge with the source. The source actually sends its energy to Gaia and humanity through our personal field vortexes, which exert two major effects:

  1.  They augment the frequencies of Gaia and heave her to the 5th dimension stepwise as was the case in the last two years during the numerous ascension test runs, which are physically (according to wave theory) frequency leaps into higher rotational velocities (see explanation below). Now we are on the verge to thrust Gaia finally to the 5th dimension by detonating the PAT supernova.
  2.  Our vortices are huge energy generators that augment the frequencies of the personal fields of all humans through superposition of wave patterns according to the law of constructive and destructive interference, as known in wave theory.

These two major effects caused by our personal vortices lead to a destructive interference of all low frequency, fear-based patterns pertaining to the old, crumbling Orion matrix, which we must experience as side effects (collateral damage) of the current cleansing process in our physical vessels; the latter are the carriers and anchors of these  vortices of source energies in the 3d-space-time:

“Also as a result of this, a tremendous amount of debris is being kicked up and is flying around in your fields and across the planet. The energies of the full moon are aiding you greatly in this process. This debris field is actually the energetic debris of the masses, their erroneous thought structures, the last of the Orion programming, as they come in contact with you, the web of light, and Gaia’s ascending energies/vortices as well.  So it is only natural that you will feel a very strong mixture of such.”

Please observe that the cleansing process, under which we suffer so much these days, is a dialectical aspect of the augmentation of the rotational velocities / frequencies of our vortices and thus the frequencies of all humans and Gaia, being superimposed, interconnected, rotational wave systems. This is the only energetic process leading to ascension of a planet and its population. Hence these adverse effects of the ascension process are unavoidable.

I have discussed again and again in numerous publications and books on the LBP that this process is a steady, stepwise augmentation of the frequencies of the four major bodies (physical, emotional, mental, and etheric) of our physical vessels and their corresponding chakras (which are smaller, incomplete vortices from a physical point of view; e.g. see my gnostic book “Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“). This is what happens at the micro-level in our bodies.

But the PAT has already become, through its field of unity consciousness, a system of universal cosmic proportions that is now fully integrated with the source (macro-level of action). Thus the PAT is the actual funnel, through which the source energies are delivered to Gaia and humanity, augment their frequencies and prepare them for their ascension. This obvious fact is very often forgotten amidst the numerous physical pains of the PAT members that overwhelm us in our daily consciousness and let us forget the underlying energetic principles of this intricate cosmic process, for which we are the mere conduits.

In this sense, ascension is the achievement of total constructive interference between all systems participating in the ascension process which is a delicate, extremely complicated coordination affair from the HR to find the optimal threshold. I have discussed this aspect in an article written in 2011 with the title:

How The Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization Determines the Time of Our Ascension?  

“Simply stated, the Cosmic Law of Energy Optimization says that everything in All-That-Is follows a simple energetic principle: To achieve a maximal positive effect with a minimal energy input or effort. In other words, All-That-Is does not waste energy. This sounds rather simple, but has huge and vast repercussions for all Creation.”

The law of energy optimization determines the date of our ascension, and although all variables and factors seem to be streamlined now to achieve this desired end this weekend, we will know this at the very last minute when full constructive interference is reached. There are so many energetic rotational systems at the micro- and macro-level that have to be taken into consideration that our humble human minds are unable to even envision a few of them theoretically.

Now let me elaborate the two basic concepts / physical terms used by April’s HS in her message that succinctly describe the current energetic process behind the detonation of the PAT:

  1. rotational velocity” and
  2. all systems being vortices = superimposed rotational wave systems.

“Rotational velocity”, also known as “angular velocity“, is another term/synonym/identical magnitude for frequency f.  Rotations are waves that create frequencies and vice verse. It is impossible to discriminate between these terms. Precisely this blunder is now committed by conventional physics, and that is why physicists are unable to integrate classical mechanics with wave theory, with Einstein’s theory of relativity, and with quantum mechanics. The latter is a simple application of wave theory for the micro-cosmos of particles and quantum fields. Electromagnetism is another application of wave theory for photon space-time. The proofs can be found in my two volumes on physics.

For instance this is what I have written about angular velocity in volume II (full version, page 122):

“The rate of change of the angle with respect to t (time) is called angular velocity.  Angular velocity is often expressed as reciprocal conventional time 1/t = f, thus leading to cognitive flaws.”

Rotational movements create angular acceleration, which is equivalent to linear acceleration. Accelerations cause movements such as linear motion in space-time or inner movement/ascension to higher frequency levels/dimensions when one considers the fact that rotational velocity with acceleration is actual another measurement/magnitude of frequency of a wave (rotational) system. None of this is currently apprehended in conventional physics and of course not at all by the stupid New Agers, who nonetheless extensively comment on such phenomena with utter and devastating ignorance.

All wave systems in All-That-Is are interconnected and interdependent, superimposed rotational systems due to the law of constructive and destructive interference and thus influence each other in a most profound matter, even if they are not near to each other. Please observe that space is an illusion, so that all systems are interconnected, no matter how distant they are from each other. The intensity of their energetic exchange depends only on the magnitude of their frequencies: The higher the frequencies of a system, the greater the energetic effect on all other systems.

Our personal vortices vibrate now with the highest frequencies of the source and thus offset all other low frequency systems pertaining to the old Orion matrix and destroy them with a great speed. With the detonation of the PAT supernova, this destructive interference will reach an unprecedented peak and the whole system will crumble within the blink of an eye. This is the actual energetic mechanism behind the ID split.

This interdependence exists between all known systems in the universe as I have elaborated almost 20 years ago in this footnote (vol II, page 122):

“It can be shown that electromagnetic waves, which in the new axiomatics are a synonym for photon level, are, indeed, a product of the rotation of gravitational systems, such as white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes (chapter 9.9, equations (267) and (268)). Basic constants of electromagnetism, such as permeability and permittivity of free space, contain constant space and time magnitudes of the photon level that have been derived for the first time by employing the space-time symbolism of the new axiomatics (chapter 6.3). It has been proven that these magnitudes correlate exactly with the space (volume) of the aforementioned gravitational systems, as measured by the Schwarzschild radius of stars or by the event horizon of black holes, and with the mean rates of rotation (time) of these systems, as they are estimated in astrophysics today. This is the ultimate cosmological proof of the new axiomatics which empirically confirms the closed energy exchange between matter and photon level. It shows that space-time is an interrelated entity, so that all fundamental constants can be derived from each other (see the integration of fundamental natural constants in Table 1).”

I hope that this elaboration suffices at this most auspicious moment on the eve of our ascension to help you contemplate in a more neutral, expanded manner on an event that will transform us profoundly as sentient beings any minute from now on.



Simultaneous Mixing of Higher Energies and Expansion of Individual Consciousness


There occurs at this stage of Gaia transformation, a rather rapid and seeming “unbridled” simultaneous mixing of Higher Energies and expansion of individual consciousness.

Many will feel a sense of “falling apart”, or “blowing up” of individual world views, and, particularly in those who have self-termed “Light Workers”, the “Grand Removal of Light-worker Blinders” occurs in these next days.

We of the GaiaPortal ÉirePort school would request a continuous open mind to all possibilities of awakening to Higher Expansion.

We also remind you that humanity to Hue-manity evolution involves embracing the process of moving from “analyzing” to “knowing”.

The Final PAT’s Decree of Oneness Prior to Ascension

by April Bender, February 27, 2013

Dear Georgi,

Your latest post, “My Interpretation of the Last GaiaPortal’s Messages” was FANTASTIC, SUPERBLY DONE! I was going to check in with HS for an update but decided to check the PAT site first. I am so glad I did! WOW! What a powerful and potent summation of historic PAT events as well as clarification of the latest messages from GaiaPortal, and how they very much confirm and further clarify our own understanding of what has been and what is about to transpire. Very aligning and empowering.

I did still check in with HS shortly after reading your post. She was waving me off of the typical ascension update, as you covered the majority of that with your last post, and alluded to other factors in other recent posts (Vatican, Belgium, Italy, US, etc…) Meaning, “final catalytic alignments/scenarios are being made and are manifesting now. Ascension can come at any time.”

Instead, HS was VERY emphatic that I share the following message with the PAT instead. HS felt that this was crucial information that further deepened what you just shared with the PAT in your last message concerning GaiaPortal, and would further aid us all in our remaining time here in the “old form.”

I am curious and eager as always to hear your thoughts about this. Especially about the idea of another decree. If you feel this is a bit too much, I completely understand. Honestly, it’s hard to say who was more excited or animated about your most recent post, me or HS, haha! And who knows, from what I’m feeling right now, this message could be moot by tomorrow anyway, as such are the energies right now, seemingly so right for ascension.

Much love and light,

HS Important Update/Addition:
Final Decree/Act – The Law of One/Oneness

HS: So as you read within Georgi’s latest post regarding recent GaiaPortal messages, there WAS a deeper message/indicator hidden within the already deep message for the PAT to pick up on. One that Georgi himself is aware of, and has been gently attempting to convey to you for a little while now.

This message, as Georgi has hinted, is about you the collective PAT, “being” or standing as ONE “formation” or “wave,” in singular intent. And now is the time to do just that!

Yes, you’ve done and used this action/intention before, such as when declaring your Decrees or during meditation/contemplation or dreamtime. However this time around, we’re going to ask you to deepen that intention and ultimately, your experience of it.

We in the HR (your collective HSs, in which April’s HS is speaking for) would like you to focus your very conscious, everyday waking awareness on your PAT family in the manner below. Some of the PAT have already/always been doing this and that is perfect, but now we need all of the first wave linked up together with “radio frequencies on and open/clear.”

  1. THINK of your fellow PAT brothers and sisters as ALWAYS being with you – in your field, aura, the collective mind. They are such an integral part of you, and you know in ALL intents and purposes, they ARE you. You ARE ONE. ONE in AUTHORITY, ONE in WORD and DEED, ONE in singular INTENT. Allow your consciousness to connect deeply and openly with one another, your loving, shining and magnificent PAT family. Also allow your awareness to expand out to the other “ships” out there, like so many of you have been doing during dream time, to further support and encourage the other ascending ones, and to really appreciate the full breadth of your handiwork.
  2.  FEEL your PAT brothers and sisters deeply woven into the very fabric of your HEARTS, of your EXPERIENCE, of your FAITH. They are your SUPPORT, the new collective FOUNDATION/BLUEPRINT, they are YOU. And, YOU ARE ONE. Whether physically standing next to each other or not, in “spirit” or “quantum coherence” you are always standing powerfully next to one another. Do not underestimate the power of your ring of PAT members united. Step into it fully now, together!
  3.  From this point onward, when you individually SPEAK, THINK, or ACT in all daily interactions, do so by “COLLECTIVE DIVINE AUTHORITY.” You are a governing body/being/council now as Divinely Ordained and you must now BE, ACT, DECIDE and GOVERN as ONE. Do know that the PAT are fully supporting you, standing right beside you, in connection with you at all times. This is already so now! For you’ll need this constant connection with one another in order to:

Model and Initiate the Final Decree/Initiation for Humanity – The Law of One/Oneness!

Draw on the power of the PAT collective. RISE together! GOVERN together! CLEAN house and TEND the flock together! AS ONE.

This singular focus of intention is in preparation of your final transition and will also help to balance the workload.

All others ascending will soon follow suit/example. See you soon.

With the few precious moments that remain!