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Orwellian reality even crazier than fiction

Google is apparently operating a secret research lab in the Bay area which focuses on developing technologies to create a literal electronic network of all things that propose to make our lives easier.  However, a more thorough investigation of the facts reveals a downright terrifying future plan for authoritarian control.  While the technologies proposed do seem to suggest a future Jetson-esque lifestyle, it is really an expansion of the already orwellian surveillance state.

From Russia Today:

Among the dream ideas are driverless cars, which the company first tested on public roads last year. The project dates back to a 2005 competition and could integrate well with Google’s ad program for local businesses: passengers would be shown info on shops, restaurants and other places to hang out, as the artificial intelligence driver carries them on their way.

Another mind-boggling scheme involves connecting home appliances to the internet and integrating them into a user-controlled network. This “Web of things”, as Google calls it, would allow refrigerators to order fresh supplies of groceries all by themselves as they run low on stock, and kitchen plates to Tweet what was on the menu for dinner.