EARTH CHANGES – An Overall Perspective, & the “Cosmic event” in greater context

Source: Tolec via Andromeda Council

For those of you who are paying attention, and I am sure there are many around the globe who are paying close attention;

I’ve learned that the period of now, September 17, 2012  – through – September 22, 2012, and well beyond, will be a heightened period of change… a progressive, very heightened, cycle of change on this planet… a very dynamic mix of energies all happening at once as we move toward the date of December 21, 2012…  and well beyond into all of 2013.

This is primarily happening as we, planet Earth, are physically about to enter the galactic equatorial plane region, the equator of the Milky Way galaxy, where there are highly intense & erratic magnetic energies.  I speak about this on page 1 of this web site in the sections titled: “A New Awakening“  and  “Time of Transition for Planet Earth“.   Further;

As one visual, real time example of how these earth changes are being manifested -  go take a look at the ‘Pacific Rim of Fire‘ over on the USGS web site.   It is lit up like a ‘Christmas Tree’ like never before in the modern era:

It will continue to be like this for the foreseeable future, not only for this coming 7 day period, as this planet is entering into a major, progressive, long term cycle of evolutionary change.  Again, we are the beginning of a period of extensive & permanent changes to planet Earth that will continue right through the date of approximately the last quarter of 2013.

One manifestation of this change is the heating of the Earth’s core.  Think of the Earth’s core as an automobile engine.  Or, a kettle of water on the top of a stove for tea… and someone keeps turning up the heat.  Well, these highly erratic magnetic energies in the equatorial plane region of the galaxy will not only continue to affect the magnetic flow outside of the Earth, as in the movement of the actual magnetic “poles” [North pole to the bottom of the planet... South pole to the top of the planet] – they also affect the planet’s core.  Back to the analogy of a car engine.  The movement of this planet into the galactic equatorial plane region is acting much like the installation of ‘turbo charger’ onto an engine…  spinning the air faster, making the active elements inside the engine heat up & build continuing pressure which in effect… make the car go faster.  And as with all turbo chargers, there is always added heat.  But there is a release, a car has a continually open exhaust whenever it is running.   So does Earth.  It has some release points.  But;

Galactic Plane

the galactic equatorial plane region is doing the much the same thing to Earth’s core – agitating magnetic energies affecting it, now, continually heating it up, thereby causing a continual build up of heat & pressure of the Earth’s core.  Simple cause & effect.   As the momentum of this heat & pressure continues to build there will continue to be more frequent, more intense & greater earth changes.  And release.   It has to release somehow.  It has to go somewhere.

More evidence of these continued changes in planet Earth is the sulfur smell being picked up by people in some of the western U.S states.  It is because there is so much lava moving right now underneath the crust of the continental U.S.  I am not a scientist, but I know this – the sulfur smell is from the outgassing of the sulfur dioxide, and carbon dioxide, methane, ammonia and nitrogen being pushed to the surface from the increasing mass & movement of so much lava right under the Earth’s crust.  Because of its continued heating.

Sulfur Pot at Yellowstone Nat’l Park

As a clear example of this phenomena over time, here in the U.S think of the ‘sulfur pots’, the muddy, bubbling, badly smelling ‘goo’ that has expressed itself for years in so many locations over at Yellowstone National Park.  There is far more of this going on right now underground throughout the U.S, especially the western U.S, because so much lava, increasingly so, is emerging & moving at this time… getting closer to the surface from building heart & pressure at the Earth’s core.  And, it will continue to do so.

The heating of the Earth’s core temperature forces the rise of this molten lava into the various fissures… to open up even more underneath the ‘ley’ [energy] lines of the planet’s grid… which should result in more volcanoes popping off and more & more continued earthquakes. Earthquakes lead to ‘cracking’ of the various land masses on the surface & deep into the ground;  which also releases the gases, and molten lava to the upper surface of volcanic domes… forcing them to ‘unplug’, pop-off, or blow.  Again, that pressure has to be released somehow.   It’s got to go somewhere especially with the continued heat-up of the Earth’s core.

Another example of earth changes is the increased plate tectonics, movement of earth’s “plates”.  Think of the Philippine, Australian & Pacific Plate, but especially the Pacific plate, is experiencing great movement & friction against the Juan de Fuca plate and the North American plate… as all of the heating of the Earth’s core, and pressure build, and the increased molten lava flow is putting added pressure on these plates.  The Pacific plate is also pushing against the Cocos, Nazca & South American plates.  All of this greater plate movement is part of the continued changes to, and of, this planet.

As to the “Cosmic event” I have spoken of, still yet to come;  the triggering of an undersea volcano to ‘pop off’, to explode, which will trigger an undersea earthquake(s) & tremors, which will cause the movement of a whole bunch of lava underneath the crust of the Earth’s surface, which will destroy the last Reptilian undersea base;  these are all part of the evolutionary changes occurring to, under, and on, planet Earth.  All part of a greater overall metamorphosis of change, of transformation, of Mother Earth.

In summary, I suggest, that any people especially living on coastal regions of the land masses affected by all the changes I listed above, especially in any highly volcanic areas, and/or for those people who live relatively close to, or on top of, “fault lines” -

please absorb the advanced knowledge of these changes from me, or anyone else who you are researching, that is providing this information, and; whatever region you live in that might be at risk –   I suggest you use the totality of all of the senses that GOD/CREATOR has given you, including your heart, mind & soul, and especially your intuition.  Also listen to local radio, television &/or the Internet for any advanced warnings.  If you sense by any means any potentially heightened or dangerous earth changes about to happen in your area, and/or by warnings/public announcements, and/or by your own intuition… that staying might put you at risk… decide what you need to do to move yourself & your family to safety, to a safer, more stable location.

Of course, each & any of these decisions you may make… they are up to each & every one of you.  Free will choice is paramount in any decisions you make in your life.  This is one of the Universal [Spiritual] Laws.

I hope this overall statement helps gives greater context to what is happening on this beautiful planet Earth in her natural evolution… on her way to transformation into becoming an even more beautiful, higher dimensional world.


COBRA and Gaia portal also seem to focus on this time period between the 15th and 22nd of  September as one which will be a desperate attempt by the illuminati to provoke fear and violence to further their agenda.  COBRA writes on September 9;

Between September 15th and September 23rd there will be the most critical period as this is the exact time of the second Uranus Pluto square in 2012 and Archons will then try to provoke as much violence and conflict worldwide as possible.  This Uranus Pluto square will be even stronger than the one in June because its exact moment will happen just one day after Pluto turning direct:

This is Archons’ last chance before the breakthrough of Light. As it was said in my previous post about Uranus square Pluto, here are instructions for that challenging time:

“Regardless of the events in the next few days, please remain calm, but alert.

These words should resonate with anyone who is aware of the following developments since September 15th:

Gaia Portal writes about this time period also;

Gaia has called upon all Earth-Ground Hue-mans to initiate release of all old-paradigm planetary grid points. This call has been heard and is to be initiated and manifested within the period of 9-16 to 9-22. The 9-22 Equinox balance fulcrum point is a critical date for speeding the release of all former paradigm structures.

The tipping over into a full release mode occurs on the 9-22.


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