On Chemtrails and their Possible Neutralization


One naturally wonders what to do about something like Chemtrails.

 On the subject of Chemtrails my awareness has varied wildly in the last few years.  My introduction to the phenomenon was during a “flame war” on a conspiracy board some years back.  I remember in those days the term being used often in a derogatory manner towards users who espoused any conspiracy, let alone Chemtrails. Anyhow, in the last 12 months my awareness has exploded and I began to realize how heavily my area was being affected.  I started to understand more fully what chemtrails were used for and have since reported on their presence locally many times.  See: Here, here, and here.

How on earth could you go about stopping such things?  Once you become aware of Chemtrails, the very next thing you learn is how unaware everyone else is!  This presents an overwhelming scenario to the average person who would sooner go back to sleep than continue thinking about something the rest of the population isn’t even remotely tuned in to.

Well – I was first introduced to the idea that extraterrestrial beings were “helping” humanity with this particular issue via John Kettler.  His article, entitled “ET/ED beings taking benevolent action to remove chemtrails” seemed so outside of the box, even I was dismissive at first.  The ole “gut” was telling me however that I should just keep this in mind going forward and do my best to “look out” for any kind of intervention in the skys above.

To my surprise, I did indeed begin to witness chemtrails spinning off into nothing, dissipating before my eyes, or just flat out not materializing.  The weather in my area seemed to be stabilizing and my garden had never looked better! In fact, a September 14th post indicated a sustained period of absence before their dreaded return:

I have noticed some chemtrails between Raleigh/Durham North Carolina, contrary to the last few months. I was excited to see less and less Chemtrails, but these appeared the morning of the 14th and were quite obvious. I took the dogs for a walk around 5:30 AM and some seemed to be so close you could nearly reach out and touch them! Then later on they manifested in an odd, streaked, foggy haze. Otherwise the weather here has been absolutely beautiful, especially in the last few days however, I am sad to report this.

I also found validation in this phenomenon via fellow Galactic Blogger, Kauialipele, who reposted these Wes Annac videos showing some really funky looking trails:

I am sure each geography has its own set of circumstances which would mean not ALL chemtrails will immediately be neutralized.  The truth is, I have witnessed both phenomenon occurring over the last few months; some dissipating or never manifesting altogether…While other times I witness very distinct, low-flying trails which DO eventually create a reflective foggy haze.

Take this clip shot today for example – it seems to show two trails with different patterns.  One broken and disjointed, the other clear and not without some staying power:

Compare to this one, also shot today in the same area which really shows how quickly the trail can dissipate:

Lastly this shot from September 20,2012 shows a very clear trail with already some haze accumulated

One would naturally dismiss the idea of an extraterrestrial being benevolently intervening on behalf of mankind.  My god, if I were to get upset at everyone who did not accept that notion how lonely would I be in life?  It’s such an outrageous claim – but could it be real?

Immediately this 2010 National Press Club meeting comes to mind.  If you haven’t seen this already, please take the time to skim through it below or at least consider this very brief summation:

Robert Hastings: Declassified U.S. government documents and witness testimony from former or retired U.S. military personnel confirm beyond any doubt the reality of ongoing UFO incursions at nuclear weapons sites. When I say UFO, the witnesses have described these craft as disc-shaped, or cylindrical shape, or spherical. These objects are capable of both hovering and high-velocity flight, usually completely silently. Over the past 37 years, I have personally located and interviewed more than 120 of these former or retired military personnel, all of whom report UFO incidents at one or more of the following locations: nuclear missile sites, nuclear weapons storage areas, and nuclear weapons test sites in Nevada and the Pacific during the era of atomic atmospheric testing. I believe, these gentlemen believe, that this planet is being visited by beings from another world who, for whatever reason, have taken an interest in the nuclear arms race which began at the end of World War II. Regarding the missile shutdown incidents: my opinion, their opinion, is that whoever are aboard these craft are sending a signal to both Washington and Moscow, among others, that we are playing with fire, that the possession and threatened use of nuclear weapons potentially threatens the human race and the integrity of the planetary environment.

FACT: There have been hundreds of reports from high-level officers that UFO and other “craft” appeared before advanced nuclear weapons systems were disabled.

So if that’s true, could it also be true that the physical mechanisms which disperse chemtrails are being toyed with to avoid total destruction?  Personally I think so.  I believe humanity is being guided, not babied.

These ultimately are OUR issues however and we should not expect anyone to “save us.”  It’s important to understand though that we are up against a cabal of humans which have literally made a deal with the “devil” and therefore procured more technology than we debt slaves could ever possibly overcome.   In a nutshell – we’re talking Divine Intervention.

Since I believe this is as much a spiritual war as it is a physical war, I reckon Jordan Maxwell was right on the money and our collective wishes are coming true.

This is not a feel-good rest on your laurels type post, but rather a “walk forth with confidence” type of post.  Walk with a knowing that you will be guided to victory in whatever path of light you choose to embark on.



Tolec clears the air on Veteran’s Today UFO story

A friend of mine recently sent me Gordon Duff’s article via Veteran’s Today citing numerous intelligence tips that a dramatic UFO battle occurred between terrestrial US Naval Military and what were described as “Extraterrestrial UFOs” off the west coast.  I had my doubts about the validity of the stated events, simply because I know the complexity of what is unfolding is more than what Gordon’s article would have you think.  The negative extraterrestrial threat is real, but in my estimation no longer worth fearing.  This was the reason I did not reblog Gordon’s article because intuitively I knew there was more to this than what seemed to be an imminent alien invasion.  This looks like it will be one hell of a wake up call for Gordon.

More likely, I speculated, were members of the cabal utilizing anti-gravitic/”UFO” technology to either 1) Attack terrestrial US Military or 2) Generate some type of psyop with the collective psyche using said technology.  While I can’t directly verify Tolec’s information as accurate, he released a new entry on the FAQ section of his site which jives with my intuition very well  and is also corroborated by one John Kettler, who writes from his perspective here.

From AndromedaCouncil.com

“UFO War:  Chinese and US Navy off San Francisco”

Tolec, what is the real deal with this joint U.S./China Naval forces working together just outside of the San Francisco Bay area, a U.S naval warship being attacked, and a Reptilian war going on?

date: September 21, 2012

ANSWER:   Nonono.   According to my Andromeda Council contacts, this is absolutely a “False flag” report.

Think of this story in the context of Dr. Carol Rosin’s knowledge of the five (5) ‘cards’ the Cabal / Illuminati would attempt to use in their last bid to hold their control on power: [Carol quoting Dr. Werner Von Braun] “…the last card is the alien card… we’re going to have to build space based weapons…  against the aliens… and it will all be a lie.”, “…the last card will be the extraterrestrial threat.”  This is all about the Cabal & Illuminati perpetuating fear.

Also, think of the movie “Battleship” released just this summer in first run theaters around the country – U.S. Naval forces -  operating out in the Pacific Ocean off of the coast of California are attacked by a huge… Reptilian/human hybrid operated…  fantastic underwater alien ship utilizing highly destructive technology, energy weapons.   Now, think about this movie in the overall context of this present, alleged, U.S/China Naval military cooperative – UFO war story.    Does any of this sound familiar?

Again, this is a False flag story.

First, here is a back drop on the Reptilian situation to give all of this context:

a.)  the very last undersea Reptilian base was taken by the Procyon forces of the Andromeda Council the last weekend of March 2012;
b.)  2,000+ of the highest ranking Reptilian & Reptilian/human hybrid Military Officers & Cabal / Illuminati officials were taken prisoner;
c.)  the taking & clearing of this last Reptilian undersea base & highest Reptilian military officers & officials has left a gap in the ‘power
      structure’ at the top of the Cabal & Illuminati.  [find News Story:  "Procyon Lead AC 'Delta Team' Strike Force Takes & Clears Out 
      Last Reptilian Undersea Base" -  on "Archived Interviews" page, half way down, right hand side, this web site.
d.)  as I indicated in my 08.21.12 article - "The Hard Reality and a Difficult Truth" -  there are still some - Reptilians, Reptilian/human
      hybrids and clones operating & controlling the highest levels of the Cabal & Illuminati on this planet;
e.)  there are also purely Human military lead factions... of the Cabal & Illuminati.

Now, here is what really happened out in the Pacific Ocean:

f.)   with the gap in the power structure of the Cabal & Illuminati - there have been continuing skirmishes between various factions;
g.)  this was one of those skirmishes - between factions -  nothing more, nothing less;
h.)  an escape pod from one of the last undersea Reptilian bases holding three (3) Reptilian/human hybrid, lower rank 'workers' - fired
      on a human operated, U.S based, elite, Cabal & Illuminati, 'special forces', scout craft [think "UFO" operating underwater], acquired
      from technology provided during an earlier Human & “Grey” technology exchange agreement;
i.)   the escape pod had minimal offensive fire power, as well as minimal defensive capabilities, and it was disabled;
j.)   the three (3) Reptilian/human hybrid, lower rank workers, Reptilian undersea base escapees, were taken prisoner and were transport-
      ed to a human run & operated, Cabal, deep underground [about a mile & a half (1 1/2) underground] military facility located in the
      in an underground complex in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado;


k.)  the various Reptilian & Human factions of the Cabal & Illuminati have been having these skirmishes since the last Reptilian undersea
      base was taken & cleared out by the Procyon people of the Andromeda Council… the last weekend of March 2012;
l.)   China Naval warships -  are not - cooperating in any joint U.S/China joint war operations being conducted by both parties in an
      undersea war against the Reptilians;
m.) the story of a U.S Naval warship being attacked, and alleged U.S/China Naval cooperation – is a “False flag” story;
n.)  there are no remaining Reptilian, Cabal & Illuminati, undersea bases in operation.   None.

John Kettler reports: ET/ED beings taking benevolent action to remove chemtrails

I have reported extensively on “chemtrails” before, which is a blanket term used for certain additives in jet fuel that achieve a number of different effects.  This can range from altering weather patterns, reflecting solar radiation, or out-right poisoning of the public.  According to John Kettler’s latest post, benevolent extra terrestrials or extra dimensional beings are using advanced technology to “remove” chemtrails altogether, or the vehicles releasing them.  I do not know for sure if this is true, but I can report from my neck of the woods a marked decrease in chemtrail activity.  This is relative to only a month or two ago when I was regularly stunned by the prevalent and distinct nature of the trails.

See below article for more!

Chemtrails–ETs/EDs, Do Something!