The world will not end this Friday, December 21st 2012, but it almost did December 17th

Benjamin Fulford

This Friday will be the long talked about Mayan etc.. December 21st, 2012 end of the world date. When that date comes and goes, it will be time to examine forensically exactly who was behind the various Nibiru, Planet X, photon belt, rapture etc. stories that all predicted the death of 80% or more of all humans. We need to do this because a very real plot to start World War 3 and a fake end-times did exist and, although the plot has been stopped, many extremely dangerous mass murderers behind this satanic scheme still walk the corridors of power in the West.

The purge of the over 26 pentagon generals and the fall of the Bush family are just a start. We need to deal with the rest of the cabal in order to make sure that humanity will never again be enslaved.

To help carry out this process, this week we will provide detailed forensic intelligence on some of the still active cabalists and their on the ground agents. We would also like to report extremely good, very concrete news on the new financial system but loose lips sink ships so we cannot give out much detail yet.

Since many of the top cabalists, like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds are well known, we will concentrate on people who were directly involved in fighting against the White Dragon spokesperson. In Japan, the first people who began threatening, trying to drug and trying to kill me were self-described Ninja’s sent to me by former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi’s Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka. Their names are Shiramine and Tenzan Nakai. Shiramine threatened to kill me and Nakai tried to get me to drink a glass of orange juice spiked with amphetamines so he could ruin my image by filming me stoned.

Later an agent then going by the name of Slasha Zaric but now going by the name Alexander Romanov came to me with 70 kilos of marijuana laced with mind-destroying chemicals. The marijuana was delivered to Romanov by a South African using the name Spencer. Spencer, who is linked to MI6 says MI6 was fooled into sending Zaric to me by the CIA and says the spiked marijuana came from a man named Rodriguez (now dead) who was the former right-hand man of Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar. Steve McLure, the “music journalist” who talked me into taking a line of cocaine while being secretly filmed also got his cocaine from the same ultimate CIA route.

This brings us to Tom Clines of Iran Contra South American drugs for weapons fame because his is the name dropped by Neil Keenan when he first contacted me.

MI6 asset Dr. Michael Van de Meer once warned me that former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair had bragged to him that I was going to be jailed on drug charges. Recall that Blair, together with George Bush Jr. both went to the pope to ask for protection and convert to Catholicism after leaving office.

Since that takes us to the Vatican, let us then return to the incident in Chiasso, Italy where two Japanese, Akihiko Yamaguchi and Tsuyoshi Watanabe, had $134.5 billion worth of bonds seized from them by the Italian police. After the bonds were seized, self-described Italian P2 lodge “prince” and heir Leo Zagami introduced Daniel Dal Bosco as a Vatican banker who could cash the bonds.

Neil Keenan was also involved because he was given an additional 1 trillion worth of bonds to hand over to Dal Bosco for cashing. Dal Bosco was then closely followed until the trail ended with the UN offering Dal Bosco $100 million to go away. Also, out popped a rival group calling itself the OITC, using David Sale as a spokesperson, claiming that it had the historical rights to the bonds.

At this point Peter Hans Kolvenbach, the Agnelli Brothers, Giancarlo Bruno, Vincenzo Mazzara, the Orsini family, Baron Thyssen, Carl Rove, David Eisenhower and a whole bunch of characters straight from central casting pop out.

Then, when the money still did not flow from Asia to the cabal, Japan was attacked on March 11, 2011 with nuclear weapons placed on the seabed to cause a tsunami and timed with the destruction of the Fukushima nuclear plant with a micro-nuke planted by the Israeli company Magna BSP. J.Rockefeller, Yasuhiro Nakasone, Ichiro Ozawa, Benjamin Netanyahu, Leo Zagami and Peter Hans Kolvenbach have all been forensically linked with this attack. When this mass murder still did not force the Asians to fork over more money, multiple attempts, all stopped by the Pentagon, were made to start World War 3.

There has also been a rash of murders and murder attempts. Some of the victims have been Japanese finance ministers and ambassadors as well as Dr. Van de Meer. The Van de Meer murder has been linked to David Eisenhower and the Bushes. None of these murders has caused the funds to flow.

There have also been murder attempts. On March 10th, the night before the attack, an attempt to poison me was made by yet another self-described Ninja linked to J. Rockefeller. Alexander Romanov also survived an assassination attempt that day. The next poisoning attack against me, when I was stabbed with a poisoned needle in June of this year, has been traced to a North Korean agent by the name of Mutsuaki Okubo, according to Chinese sources.

My suggestion is to round all these people up and start questioning them if they do not voluntarily come forward to confess.

Meanwhile, the Cabalists now seem to have split into two opposing camps. The Rockefellers and the pope are hoping to arrest the Rothschild family and dethrone the Queen, according to Neil Keenan.

Keenan, who has just returned from Indonesia, meanwhile, succeeded in photographing the, until now, legendary bunkers full of cash and gold that are there. The photos can be seen at this link:

Nonetheless, Keenan has still not been able to actually start dispersing any of the funds because he is still being blocked at some mysterious level. The man who was supposed to help him remains in jail in Indonesia.

This writer was also shown bunkers full of gold and cash last week but I have not been given permission to publish any photographs of them. However, we believe that the new government in Japan and the soon to be new government in Korea will coordinate with the new bosses in China and the re-elected Obama government to release a flood of money to the people of the world soon. We would like to believe it will happen in time for the December 25th solar new year celebration known as Christmas.

However, that depends on all the players giving up selfish thoughts.

Top Russian TV Station Exposes Financial Tyranny [PICS, VIDEO!]

David Wilcock updated his blog yesterday with new pictures and information related to the Financial Tyranny Investigation, which aims to bring down a highly organized group of international financial criminals who illegally seized most of humanity’s wealth to fund a global fascist dictatorship.  According to David a top Russian TV station is going to be the first “Mainstream” media source to cover the story!  I have posted the first few paragraphs of David’s exhaustive post, along with a gallery of the financial instruments offered to asian dynastic families in exchange for over 2.5 million tons of Gold Bullion!  You owe it to yourself to visit David’s site and spend lots of time researching all the incredible information collected there.

Divine Cosmos

On December 4, 2012, one of Russia’s top TV networks contacted us — to do the world’s first-ever full exposure of our Financial Tyranny investigation in mainstream media!This show will air just hours after we have made this post — and we hope to get a copy of it.

[MAJOR NEW UPDATES Next Morning, several times. Look for red headlines. HUGE new link section early along -- and more info at the end.]

The significance of what REN-TV is about to do cannot be undermined.

REN-TV is one of the top television networks in Russia, with a potential audience of 113.5 million viewers. Their website is

[In the Russian alphabet, a P is equivalent to an R, and an H is equivalent to an N -- hence the "PEH" in the above logo means "REN", not some variant of "meh."]

No major media outlet has ever been willing to touch this story in video form — as it used to be considered far too dangerous… not to mention highly classified.

Courthouse News Service was the only mainstream print media source to have ever tackled it — and this was only on a website.

On December 8, 2012, Dr. Valentin Katasonov, chairman of the S.F. Sharapov Russian Economic Society, re-opened the discussion in a comprehensive three-part article.

The first “official” independent video that revealed this case only appeared just this past Thursday, on December 13, 2012 — around 11PM.

We will have more about that, including a link to it, in just a moment.

Continue Reading David’s Exhaustive Report with Ground breaking information on the biggest conspiracy our planet has ever seen.


UBS Goes Down – From Drake & Neil Keenan

American National Militia

This news reports the intended dismantling/divestiture of Union Bank of Switzerland.

The documents show the asset value according to weight and purity as required in such transactions.  I suggest this is a ‘THEFT’ from The Collateral Accounts, as none of these ‘assets’ belongs to any individual, company, or government.  Rather these assets belong to ALL The People of The World.  I offer that IF said assets are to be ‘exercised’, the ‘holders’ of these assets are Required to first pay the interest due, 2.5 – 3.5% per anum in Gold Bullion of the same quality (99.98%).  As an exercise, when contracted interest has not been paid, the Full amount of Collateral plus Interest is due and payable.

Note that one Document states these are Collateral Account Assets.

            ~ Drake

From Neil Keenan – Read:


Soekanto to Keenan: Cease and Desist (Now with Keenan’s Response)

Removing the Shackles

I was sent copies of this document by someone who wishes to remain anonymous.  I immediately ran them up the tree for verification and have been told by high up sources that the seal/stamps and notary are legitimate.

Several months ago I was informed that Neil Keenan is not in any way associated with the Global Accounts and Dr. Seno Edy Soekanto as he has led people to believe.  This information came from very high up sources.  Since then I have been given verification of this from several other sources.  I left the information alone and did not bring it forward until today.  After reading this document I have realized that it’s important for people to know this information so that they understand that not all is what it’s portrayed to be and that there is a lot going on that very shady to say the least.

As I have said many times before:  Many whom you think are good, are not good.

Here is a copy of the document, so that you can see it in it’s entirety.  I will post a second copy below that is a close up of the print so that it is more easily readable.

11/28/2012 Update – Keenan Responds!!

Dear Jeanie,
I would rather not post a reply, but this is just a great opportunity to nail the disinfo people such as JJ (Smith) Outlaw. The document you are looking at is one big joke. I am going to take it with me when I visit with Edy Seno. Everyone who knows Edy realizes this is a big gaff, and of course we know who photoshopped this from a similar document put out in August that was discredited. No, it is not Scott this time, and it is time to stop kicking him. He looks like hell and needs a break, and if anything I was too tough on him, but he is the expert in such situations, and I am sure he will have lots to say as well on his own behalf.
Whoever put this together is a Clown, a Prankster, a Silly Fool, and I will try to share only a little of what is wrong here. First of all, Ray Dam is not affiliated with Edy Seno in any way.  Beyu Soekarno is not involved with Edy in any way. It is the OITC not IOTC. Flashing back in time to the ‘Scott War’, it was clear to me that they (Scott and Wagoner) after getting caught by me had to scurry to cover their tracks, so that no one would know what they were up to. They then ran to Beyu Soekarno telling him that I screwed up their Trade. In fact, however, it was those actually working with Beyu, wishing to use him, as well as my connections—without my knowledge and behind my back—who, when they weren’t allowed to do so, got him to sign a Cease and Desist Order, blaming me for everything. Then the Wagoner bunch ran to Edy Seno, who was in the hospital and lied and used Nelu’s name to get in to talk to him. They then proceeded to tell him that the case would not be refiled, so he should issue a Cease and Desist Order, which they just happened to have in their pockets at the time.
Seno did sign it.
Of course, you would think that left me standing without my pants, but to the contrary! I was in the position of strength: You see, Seno’s mandate expired in 1998! What this means is that none of the 2.5% Family Heritance Guarantee was issued to the Soekarno Trust at all. During the years the Mandate was valid the West never gave them a dime, yet the Indonesian Elders did continue to protect all the assets as though they were their own. Indonesia, gatekeepers and holders were wonderful to the actual owners over the years, even though they were beaten as well. In case you haven’t realized it, the system had been hijacked. No—in case you haven’t realize it—the system was set up initially so it could be hijacked. Thank God the Elders, who live on a different spiritual plane, not one of greed but one of integrity, stood strong and defended the assets and humankind from a potential disaster.
So how was the Soekarno Trust to get paid after the expiration of the Mandate?
By attaching it to my lawsuit. By making it valid. By making it part of the settlement!!!!
Let me say here, also, that Beyu is still out in the cold, and my connections might help him verify his assets. As a matter of fact, Bonsu Soekarno, Beyu’s borther, is possibly the most learned person in the history of the Collateral Accounts, and he would be most welcome to participate in the legal actions of the suit itself. He is remarkably brilliant in his understandings of the Collateral Books.
The publicity alone was driving the Cabal mad—even though it was only on the internet. If they separated themselves from me they had nothing. What could Wagoner do? He wanted Alex Lee Ling Soon, a highly respected Singaporean businessman, to pay his expenses so he could go on a fact-finding mission. Alex said, “NO!” He knows when he smells a Rat. He understood that Wagoner, a man who falsely identifies himself as the son of David Rockefeller’s sister, could do nothing. On the other hand, Wagoner told Seno and Alex that he would deal with the BIS and the World Bank—and every other damned place, too, including the Monaco Group, which he had no chance of ever getting close to.
What I am trying to say is that the scam or plan to remove me was on, but they had no weapons to fight with. You cannot go to a war with a Pop Gun, and this is what they had. Our friend Drake received phone calls from them crying hysterically in the middle of the night that I was ruining their reputations, but what sort of reputations do they think they had? Then Drake told them he was going to do his own due diligence, and when he did, what he learned and came back with stunned them so much they never bothered calling again. Sorry buddy, no one home!!!
This kept on for a while, and now we have this photoshopped document we saw months ago, which at that time was vetted as a fraud. It re-surfaces now and gives me a chance to actually respond to it. So I will make it short and sweet. This piece of crap has nothing to do with Edy Seno. Edy Seno is more than a business associate; he is my friend! The document is phony from top to bottom. There are so many holes in it you can drive a truck through it.
For instance, you do realize that the Soekarno Trust has nothing to do with the UBS, don’t you? And you understand that Edy Seno never signs anything without putting his thumbprint on it, right? If so, then you know something the composer of this piece of garbage did not know, and if you did not know, you know now.
I could easily go tit for tat with JJ Smith, who posted this on his site, but let’s let him live for another day. He is a disinfo agent—and most probably gets paid for doing it. At one time I spoke with him, but was told to stay far away from him, so I did.  There is so much more to tell you, but let’s cut it short because I’m very busy. Not my style, I know, but I am in Indonesia composing this response and meeting with the infamous Dr. Seno in a couple of days. As I have said, he is a friend, and we probably will have many laughs over this. As for JJ, he can role this phony Cease and Desist document into tubular form, and I’m sure he will then know what to do with it.
You know, though, it really is not funny that people who hope that someone, somewhere is being straight with them actually find out they are being nothing of the kind. For this reason I’ve taken the time to state the above—and remember if I do not win there will be no funds for anyone, because the mandate in this document has expired, and they have nothing to hang their hats on. There is no way for them to recover their losses, there is no way for them to recover a dime. Let me repeat in closing that the plan is to include Edy Seno, who is the real representative of the now-expired Soekarno Trust Mandate, in the final Settlement.
Do not worry, I am doing my best for all, and please do not believe such nonsense coming from those that really just wish to use us people without putting in the time, effort, and hard work.
I wish you all the best and pray that someday we all just might share a celebratory drink together once we raise our arms in victory.
Neil Keenan

Possibly Related??

In the October 14th interview with COBRA I asked about Neil Keenan due to a claim made in one of his posts:

TheGoldenRule: In the Master Plan post you mention ‘from a very credible source that Neil Keenan is not the trustee for the Collateral Accounts’ uh, I’m not sure if you can reveal that information at this time but can you speak about what’s happening in the Financial world and the new financial system?

COBRA: The first thing that was happening in the beginning of this year I have received reports from the Resistance movement that the White Dragon society is not as white as it should be and there was some infighting over the collateral accounts and things like that.  Then I start hearing reports during the summer of this year that not everything is ok with this whole Keenan situation and from other sources as well but I didn’t want to post anything before I was 100% sure  so I check this thing directly through a contact who is very close to the real trustee of the Collateral Accounts and yes he said to me Keenan is not the real deal. So I am just relaying the message I received.  I cannot say for myself because I don’t know Keenan, and I don’t know the  trustee directly but one of my contacts who is actually in very close contact with the real trustee confirmed this to me, with evidence.  And to say it shortly there is a lot of infighting and a lot of greed taking place in various positive groups who are supposed to bring those collateral accounts to humanity and I am in contact with other groups not exposed to the public who are working with much more positive motivation to bring those accounts to the public. But I will not announce anything because that would not serve the purpose.  The purpose is actually the action itself so that things start happening. And those collateral accounts will be brought to humanity exactly at the point that the Cabal loses its power.