Flashback: February 12, 2012 State of Ascension Report Paula Writes Georgi

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-60, February 14, 2012

February 12, 2012

Dear Georgi,

It’s been quite some time since I last e-mailed you, but last summer I had a very enlightening exchange of correspondences with you via e-mail.

Anyway, I was just wondering, don’t the Globalists have their ‘mad’, underground frankenstein-scientists, who have all the technologies you discuss?  I’ve read articles saying they do, but they won’t share this information with main-stream science, and deliberately have left big holes in scientific education on purpose.  Isn’t that why main-stream science can’t come to understand the quantum-physics you discuss, and free, abundant photon energy?

Also, how will the transition to Earth A be experienced by us throughout early 2012-late summer?  I’m thinking of folks like Alex Jones and David Icke, great men who have been so instrumental in awakening the masses to the Illuminati history, yet Alex is Christian and doesn’t know of ascension, while David believes ascension comes in 2016?  I’m hoping Earth A for them, while agreeing with you that it can’t be a deep concern for us, as we all have out plans laid out from before birth. I like to listen to Alex daily to keep up on the ‘plans’ of the Illuminati, while knowing that (at least for Earth A) they won’t get that far. It’s all kind of confusing though as to how this transition between the 2 realities will take place. I LOVE YOU GEORGI!! Thank you sooooo much for all you give to us on this journey!  No other truth in such entirety exists on the Internet that I can find.

Dear Paula,

You raised some very important questions, precisely, those that I am elaborating in my mind and even intended to dedicate a special article.

Even yesterday, I discussed this same issue in another email.

You are absolutely right that there are many new technologies that have been given to the humans by friendly zeta reticuli, who came to earth shortly before and after WW2 with the consent of the GF. It was known that some of them are not at all happy with their role as slaves /mercenaries of the Orion empire and would rather prefer to cooperate with the humans by giving them some new technologies, knowing  that humanity will soon ascend to the 5th dimension and thus surpass its former masters.

However, the plan did not work out. Instead of making these technologies available to the whole humanity, the human Cabal, who is under the total control of the big Greys/Anunnaki and the Reptilians from the strict hierarchical order of the Orion Empire kept them secret and used them only for their hidden purposes, mainly to prepare for the current End Times, which will wreak havoc for the dark ones. Hence the numerous underground bases, where they intended to hide in the End Times when the revelations will come out in the course of this year.

This is the actual off-world background of human science, which has evolved since WW2 in a two-fold way. On the one part, the ignorant scientists who believe in the current empirical science and thus play the role of an useful camouflage for the secret projects of the Cabal on the other part, where completely different energy sources and principles are applied and developed. This dichotomy between the dumbed down official science that is taught at universities and high schools and the real science of the Cabal was also the chief source of their arrogance and high-esteem combined with contempt for the stupid masses, including their naive scientists.

This whole situation has not been really perceived by the new age community so far, at least not from the psychological perspective, which is the most important one as it will soon be revealed.

When the changes will come this year, these hidden technologies will be made available to humanity in the first place because they are already there and easily accessible. However, these technologies apply only to the density of this 3d-earth and there will be much more new, more advanced technologies when half of humanity will ascend to the second level of the 5th dimension in Dec 2012.

Therefore, the GF and the forces of light are not so much disturbed about these technologies being hidden, although they hoped to make them available to the broad population in the End Times through the friendly factions of the zeta reticuli (small greys). This scenario however did not occur because the chief perpetrators from the Orion Empire had their human minions firm in their hands and could manipulate them very effectively in the past.

This is the reason why humanity is still in such a deep slumber and why it did not rebel much earlier as was planned in the more optimistic astral probability alternatives for the End Times. This is also the  reason why I was somewhat wrong, in consensus with the best channeling sources such as CA for 2011, actually since 2001, with respect to the point in linear time, when the true changes will start to unfold. As these changes are a direct function of the awakening of mankind, and this awakening has still largely not happened as the anemic Occupy movement in the USA shows, we had this numerous delays in the past and also the postponement of our ascension at 11.11.11. Now this must all happen this year.

Now to your next question. We observe at present a real splitting of mankind. We have the tiny group of the members of the PAT around this website and few other individuals, who are at the same level of evolution, as for instance my friend Anthony Kane, who have a similar abstract perception of the events and are able to structure them according to their true scale of importance. This follows from the fact that we are the most advanced human beings in the LBP and receive our information directly from our souls, being open channels for many years. Then you have the other light workers, who have gained some importance in the past as David Icke and less so as Alex Jones, who is even at a lower level of evolution than Steve Beckow, and this final judgment says everything.

These people have still a very earthly view of the world and they cannot discern the really important, still invisible events as LBP, opening of portals, and ascension, which are in the core of the energetic End Time dynamics that will transform mankind and Gaia. Instead they are deeply embroiled in trifles that engage their narrow minds in the context of the old matrix. This is especially evident in the case of Alex Jones, who is not a very bright person, but has a great mouth and plays well with human emotions of indignation. He has a function in this limited spectrum of reactions, which I define as “rebellious energies” that I expected to engulf humanity in 2011, but alas, the people still kept sleeping.

The question with David Icke is more complex. He definitely knows more than Alex Jones and he is also much more intelligent and structured in his thinking, but he is definitely not in the LBP, and he will not participate in the first ascension wave. I saw a recent, very frank interview with him on the Croatian television, and came to the conclusion that his sphere of influence is limited to exposing the heinous deeds of the Cabal and their Orionite masterminds from behind. This limitation in his enlightenment activities, including his personal appearance, tell me that he has barely entered the LBP and will only ascend during the mass ascension in Dec 2012. Therefore, one cannot expect much from this person as his soul potential does allow for a much broader mission of this incarnated personality.

This is also the reason why I stress in my last articles and reports again and again the fact that the members of the PAT are ready for their individual cosmic ascension beyond the 5th dimension, while all other human beings, such as Wilcock, Icke, Beckow and not so sure Fulford, whom I personally regard as a dark entity, will ascend to the lower or higher 5th dimensions. This is the demarcation line between us, the members of the PAT, and the rest of humanity. This is also the reason why we should not expect much understanding from the rest of the world for what we have gone through until now and what we have achieved through our personal sacrifices.

This is the same reason why nobody from the light worker community has realized what we actually achieved by opening our personal portals and thus the startgate 11.11.11, which is the actual energetic source of all changes on the ground that are bound to manifest this year, although they can read it on this website, if they wish. Nobody from the New Age Vanity Fair truly understands our achievements in raising the energies on earth  that are instrumental for all current emotional reactions among humans, beginning with Steve’s joyride with black limousines to the 5d-mother ship of the GF and ending up with the official complaints of Laura Tuco yesterday, for being exploited by dark channeling sources for the last several years (see lightworkers.com).

We now observe this huge abyss between the members of the PAT who stayed loyal to the cause when the expected first ascension at 11.11.11. did not happen and those that left the ship by the first tempest, as is the case with the once exuberant Wendy and Zangari, (Ready for the Shift, website) who accused me in the past of criticizing too much Steve Beckow and now are falling upon him like true esoteric predators after his recent faux pas. All these people have not yet liberated themselves from their Reptilian nature in the course of the LBP and cannot be candidates for first Ascension.

The true members of the PAT knew, however, that it was not our fault why we did not ascend at 11.11.11 and that we did our job on the ground perfectly well, and that we decided voluntarily to stay on earth for some more time, helping humanity and Gaia raise their light quotients. Without us, the whole process of ascension must have been wrapped up and nothing would have ever happened on this toxic planet. This is not at all appreciated by most light workers, who still behave as children who are just beginning to awaken to their modest maturity.

Now try to explain all this to Steve Beckow, Wilcock, David Icke, and Alex Jones and I am curious to know what their responses will be. I tried to do this with Steve in a warning letter, published on this website, as my soul gave me the information 2 weeks before his joyride that he is about to make a great stupidity and he not only did not react, but did exactly what I warned him not to do. As a result some stupid female gooses among my readers promptly accused me of being rude to Steve and thus not being an enlightened  person. With this they only proved that they do not belong to the PAT and have no chance to participate in the first ascension wave. It is as simple as that. This is the line of separation between true masters and would-be-masters.

Currently, we witness the collapse of the whole channeling New Age circus, including even the more intelligent among them, such as Ute and Sue, with whom I worked in the past, but it is no longer possible now, as they are absolutely closed to an open and frank discussion.  It becomes more and more evident that they have been victims of disinformation by false sources and these revelations are associated with numerous personal tragedies, as demonstrated by Blossom Goodchild, Laura Tuco and Beckow lately. Their irrational behaviour is a clear sign of their low level of spiritual evolution, while still exposing the usual reptilian traits of fear dominated survival behaviour in their genes that must be first overcome during the advanced stages of the LBP, before they can ascend and become a multidimensional personality.

It all begins now – in the first place, to be able to display courage and enter an open discussion with other evolved personalities as for instance myself, even when the truth might hurt. But hurts what? – Their egos, which they have to eliminate anyway in the first place as to ascend. This is the current catch-22 of all light workers that they must overcome now in order to ascend this year. The members of the PAT have had this initiation already behind them.

Even the term “multidimensional personality” is not really comprehended by these past New Age “gurus”, whom I openly accused of charlatanism last year in several broadly read and much criticized articles, which one can find on this website.

What more could I do in this situation than be a warning, weak voice in the huge desert of human ignorance. This is also the reason why I am not popular in these circles. Not yet. The situation will change dramatically when we will all ascend and then take the destiny of mankind in our hands. Then very soon nobody will remember the names of such false prophets as the discussed above. They have accomplished their modest function as scape-goats or first introducers and will disappear from the surface, while we will lead humanity to their new way of life in the higher dimensions in the next 2000 years earthly time, before they become a true transgalactic civilisation and will no longer need our help as birth helpers of new ascended civilisations.

I hope that I have partially answered your questions, which are true reflection of the current schizophrenic situation on earth, where the donkeys, like Steve Beckow, decided one-handed to lead the parade of the race horses – the members of the PAT – and establish first contact with the higher realms. In this sense, you all should gain much more confidence in your abilities and in your true mission and not being influenced by weird accusations that you have a huge ego, as some of them are doing with me on a regular basis, being the most exposed personality of the PAT.

These people do not understand the difference between a strong personality with a natural authority and the human ego, as they stick themselves fully in the morass of their ego-driven tragedies and believe that when they project their fear patterns onto other people that the  negative impact of their ego will be somewhat mitigated in their personal life. That this is an illusion has been proven brilliantly by Steve Beckow recently – the same entity, who wanted once to teach me how an ascended master should behave, while being manipulated by Reptilians all the time and declined any help on my part. It is all documented on this website.

Therefore, do not look links or right, but go straight forward and without any hesitations your own way as your soul shows you. We have therefore a remarkable unanimity among the members of the PAT, because we have surmounted the negative aspects of our egos in the course of the LBP and have entered a state of inner truth that is irrevocable and thus of universal character – that is to say, it is shared by most of us out of inner conviction, notwithstanding the individual creative interpretations by each one of us.

This comprehensive answer actually eliminates the necessity of writing an article on this issue, as the most important things that had to be expressed at this time were already discussed here.

With love and light

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