Paul Krugman responds to his debate with Ron Paul: “Debates are useless”

In what apparently seems to be a childish and uninformed “rebuttal” to his own poor showing against Ron Paul, acclaimed propagandist and pseudo economist Paul Krugman “published” one of the most pathetic retorts I’ve ever witnessed from someone allegedly held in such high esteem.  In response to Krugman’s debate with Ron Paul earlier in the week, he actually had the gall to say that debates were “useless” and that face-to-face arguments are fruitless.  Why? Well according to Krugman, in debates you can’t actually put forward real information for people to understand.  That type of thing is reserved for books and technical economic papers…

Oh no?  Well then why did you agree to the debate, Mr. Krugman? According to the man himself – he agreed to debate Ron Paul so that he could publicize his book!

Amazingly, I never thought Krugman would be able to put together something more thoughtless than the time he suggested a fake alien invasion would be good economic growth but wow…I think he  may have done it this time.  Just read this garbage for yourself:

Via New York Times

On the Uselessness of Debates

A bit of meta on my “debate” with Ron Paul; I think it’s a perfect illustration of a point I’ve thought about a lot, the uselessness of face-to-face debates.

Think about it: you approach what is, in the end, a somewhat technical subject in a format in which no data can be presented, in which there’s no opportunity to check facts (everything Paul said about growth after World War II was wrong, but who will ever call him on it?). So people react based on their prejudices. If Ron Paul got on TV and said “Gah gah goo goo debasement! theft!” — which is a rough summary of what he actually did say — his supporters would say that he won the debate hands down; I don’t think my supporters are quite the same, but opinions may differ.

Tales of historical debates in which one side supposedly won big — like the Huxley-Wilberforce debate on evolution — are, in general, after-the-fact storytelling; the reality is that that kind of smackdown, like Perry Mason-type confessions in court, almost never happens.

So why did I do it? Because I’m trying to publicize my book, which does have lots of data and facts — but those data and facts don’t matter unless I get enough people to read it.

Ron Paul absolutely dismantles Paul Krugman in less than 13 minutes

Paul Krugman had to pack his bags mid way through the slot, leaving Ron Paul for a solo interview.  Krugman didn’t have more than 13 minutes to spare out of his BUSY day?  You could see Ron Paul visibly licking his lips, chomping at the BIT to get his word in, while Krugman shakes, blushes, and doesn’t know where to look.  This is akin to the fate of many Mike Tyson victims.  1 round KNOCKOUT!  Who is ready to End The Fed?!

Ron Paul breaks it down for Bernanke

Ron Paul announced during a speech in Virginia yesterday that he would have a chance to question Bernanke on Wednesday but that the he expected a straight answer from Helicopter Ben to be “unlikely.”

Well, it didn’t really matter what Ron asked Ben because he just spent his 5 minutes explaining to him what a terrible job the Federal reserve has done to maintain price stability.  He even went so far as to hold up my favorite investment at the moment – a silver coin!


Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke had an interesting morning over in Capitol Hill, facing the ire of Ron Paul and receiving Democratic praise from Barney Frank.  Bernanke was testifying before the Committee on Financial Services, where he said the economic recovery continues but remains frail, but was put on the spot by Ron Paul who pulled out a silver eagle and accused him of debasing the currency and destroying America’s wealth.

CNN admits the New World Order is threatened by freedom movement

In a CNN article published today entitled “Davos 2012: The world’s most exclusive gathering,” author Tim Hume candidly admits that the changing economic conditions coupled with uprisings throughout the United States and middle east is a threat to globalization, a common euphemism used to describe the economic process by which the New World Order is to be formed:

The WEF has cautioned that the backlash against rising inequality, seen in the discontent behind the Occupy movement and the Arab Spring, risks derailing globalization and constitutes a threat to economies worldwide. Amidst the turmoil of the current economic environment, emphasis needs to be placed on finding new models for assessing the quality of economic growth — ensuring it is both sustainable and inclusive.

The key terms here are “derailing globalization” and “constitutes a threat.”  The irony of course is that the world’s most exclusive gathering is being formed so powerful central planners can decide how to ensure inclusiveness in the new economic system.  In a free society, would it require an exclusive gathering of the worlds wealthiest and most powerful to figure out how to “include” people in future economic growth?  Of course not.  Economic growth comes from individuals .   All that needs to be done to create sustainable and “inclusive” growth is allow the young to keep the fruits of their labor and give them the freedom to earn a living.

Shockingly, the invite-only event does make room for those not directly on the inside, but requires a bare minimum of $20,000 just to be admitted.  Even those who pay are still excluded from some of the more secret meetings, however:

While admission is free for heads of state, civil society or faith leaders and international organizations, among others, those paying will face a $20,000 price tag for admission, plus other costs which can easily push the bill to $40,000. But the true barrier to entry is having the power and influence to secure a “white badge” of invitation, the only means of admission to this most exclusive of clubs.

Undoubtedly the purpose of this meeting is for our unelected rulers to discuss how they will overcome the challenges of a rapidly waking up public in the midst of a planned economic collapse.  You don’t have to have a white badge to figure this one out, just take a look this year’s theme: “The great transformation: shaping new models.”