I am not sure how, yet, but I will host a screening for this movie in some form or fashion.  I am really kicking myself for having not watched it earlier, but last night I sat down to watch this fascinating, broad, incredible documentary called Thrive.  Produced and written by one of the heirs to Proctor and Gamble fortune, Thrive jumps from spirituality, to monetary systems, to geopolitical conspiracy seamlessly and coherently to illuminate the viewer in a way few comparable films have.

Here is the trailer but really, you should buy a copy of the movie and just watch it for yourself:

“Money is gold, and nothing else.” JP Morgan, 1912

As gold is hitting all time nominal highs, I thought it might be worthwhile to take a stroll down congressional memory lane.  I have here a government supplied document with JP Morgan’s testimony before congress in 1912 – one year before the passing of the Federal Reserve Act which forever changed the course of American history.  Millions of investors, economists, hedge fund managers and day traders may wonder why stocks continue to fall today and Gold continues to rise.  I have the answer here, and it comes from one of the most influential financiers in world history.  Therefore, I think it would be wise to heed the words of someone actually involved!

Money is Gold

Full Document here

New Video! Ron Paul – Controversial

I haven’t done any video editing in a while…But I wanted to make a contribution of time/effort to the Ron Paul campaign.  I’ll be canvassing door-to-door when the time rolls around but until then I wanted to blend some music with a collage of clips that explore Ron Paul’s declared “controversial” status.  He’s been called a cook, a crackpot, a crazy old uncle, a wacky nut case and all kinds of other derogatory terms.  Apparently he holds a bunch of “Controversial.” So, I wanted to highlight some of his key views: The war on drugs, our foreign policy and of course the most important; monetary policy.  The aim of this is to get you to judge for yourself; do these views really sound like they warrant a controversy or do they sound like common sense?