A Sovereign Soul Passes Through the TSA

“Expert Behavior Detection Officer”


This story is a retelling of my recent sojourn through the TSA, which is always a disgusting & degrading experience “compulsory” every time I am sent across the country for a business trip.  Unfortunately I was unable to capture this particular event on video with my newly purchased wearable video cameras so I have recreated the story in written form.

I have dozens of horror stories coming from these experiences with the “Toilet Security Agency” which if you were not aware, require of American passengers two different equally humiliating and offensive options to ensure our “security”:

  1. Pass through an irradiation machine which not only blasts your energetic system with devastating cancer-causing energy waves, but also captures & saves a naked image of your body.
  2.  Allow a low-paid government employee, many times with a criminal pedophile record to reach his hands into your pants, feel up your leg all the way to “resistance” aka where your thigh meets your crotch, and also to touch your buttocks and every other area of your body.

Besides the fact that I do not see either of these as options, since neither are lawful nor do they make me any more secure in my person,  I completely object to the entire existence of the TSA which was an invention by the powers that were prior to 9/11 only rolled out after when the psycho-mental ether in the United States was conducive to allow such an injustice & horrendous bureaucracy be heaved upon the supposed sovereign citizens of America with acceptance.  This of course is just an advanced training program, unbeknownst to the TSA agents, created to prepare the minds & hearts of Americans for prison America and total enslavement post economic collapse.  This is an ongoing objective of the shadow government in the U.S. which can no longer be combated by anything less than non-compliance on a mass scale.

Knowing this and having to go through it is the most horrifying aspect of acquiescence, nevertheless, I am forced to “deal” in the meantime due to the ongoing delays in Ascension & need for me to make some kind of living in this crumbling Orion society.  It would be a totally different story if I were flying on my own, but given that it is a business trip I must acquiesce much more than my soul would like.

That said, whenever possible I make a habit of challenging the robotic thought patterns of these clowns-clad-in-blue which is the only satisfaction I can ever glean from the dreadful process.   I am always careful not to endanger my flight plans with my bit of sovereign fun but I do enjoy whenever possible winning small consciousness victories. In this regard I have incrementally pushed further and further each time I travel, until my most recent trip to California which I feel was a critical breakthrough and confirmation from personal experience that the Ascension is well under way.

Last Sunday I arrived at the airport and made it all the way up to the cancer oven, where I am accustomed to “opting-out”, and being subsequently lead to the nearest pedophile for groping.  This time however, I got a distinct message from my higher self in this instance which said “make religious objection.”  I had no choice but to obey.

So when the creeper who was assigned to pat me down, asked if I was familiar with the pat-down procedure I replied:

“Yes- I need a female pat down.”

The words just flew out of my mouth as if I had given this order before, and to my surprise he did not even question my authority!  He simply replied,

“Ok.”  and walked away.

This is when I realized something energetically has changed here, since this is totally against TSA “protocol” and something I have seen denied to other passengers several times prior.


A moment later he brought over another TSA worker, a hulking bald man who had a name tag which read “SIXXX.”  I knew I had really done it if he was getting involved, as he seemed to have gone to prison with a name like that & at first glance appeared to be the one more likely to abuse my rights.


SIXXX immediately said he was not in charge of these decisions, whether to give me a female pat down or not, and instead stood beside me while the original TSA employee found someone with the proper “authority” to permit such a demand.  While waiting I engaged SIXXX in a conversation first by asking if that was his birth name!

He replied simply,

“No, I changed it.”

“What was your original name? Like David, or William?” I asked,

“Well I was really irritated with my family so that’s just a different identity…a different person. I just cut it off with them.”


“Oh so it was like a clean break type of situation then. “


“Yeah I guess you could say that.”


Suddenly a female TSA worker appeared and asked why I need a female pat down.

“It is against my religion to have a male touch me like that.”

“…oh, uhh…What’s your religion?”


She quickly disappeared without further trouble, while SIXXX and I waited in the seated pat-down area for someone else.  In the meantime, SIXXX and I made friendly small talk, where he surprisingly congratulated me for standing up for my principals which he said is never seen here at the airport.


I was shocked at his candor & friendliness, as well as his positive reaction to my declaration of sovereignty.  So we discussed further some small-talk items like where he was from, where I grew up etc.  It turns out he was a 10 year veteran of the Navy, and has admittedly only been working at the TSA for lack of motivation to find another job.  Same story for everyone else there, I imagine.  What was most stunning was his openness to disclose these very personal details with very little prompting from me.

We made chit-chat a little while longer until out of the clear blue, he made a mention of the weather being weird recently and his feeling that it was controlled with chemtrails…Which immediately sent my mind spinning in an upward spiral as to how significant this particular TSA visit must be.  Shortly after we engaged in a discussion about Chemtrails, and I gave him one of my Golden-Rule cards, a dyke of a woman from the Department of Homeland Security appeared;

“What seems to be the problem sir?”

“It is against my religion to have a male touch me as in the pat down procedure.  I am demanding a female pat down.” 

“Sir, if we have males available it is not our policy to do female-male pat downs so you will need to have one of those or find some other way to reach your destination.”

At this point I realized it was do or die, so I stared directly into her optic stems and replied,

“Well Ma’am, it is my religion…my policy not to have a male touch me like that.  I won’t have it.  But I do need to get to my destination today, it is for very important business.”

She couldn’t believe it.  In a moment of vulnerability she did the only thing she really knew how to do, which was ask for my papers & identification…

I asked, “Is that really necessary?”

Meanwhile SIXXX, still sitting beside me mumbles,

“Yeah that is a good question.  Why is that necessary?”

Nevertheless I handed over my ID & let her do her checking.  She came back soon thereafter and said,

“Ok, we are going to allow a female to pat you down, but it will be in private.”

Even better I thought!  So we move to the private area & a middle aged attractive woman entered with SIXXX & myself.  She was visibly nervous and explained she had never done a male patdown before, so would have SIXXX read the verbiage and she would perform the pat down.  She was clearly not comfortable with the procedure, and questioned shortly after completion what my religion was and what my beliefs were.  She asked what a “Universalist” really believes.

With a kind, soft smile I looked her in the eyes & said,

“We believe that we are all one.  All one organism here on the earth.”

Befuddled, she replied:

“…But you also do not believe in a male patting you down?”

“That’s right.  It’s against our belief system.”  Satisfied I guess, she left the room.

SIXXX reached out to shake my hand & as I walked away realized I was wearing an infowars.com t-shirt and excitedly blurted out,

“hey I didn’t know you were an Alex fan!”

I told him to watch my recent documentary which was entered in the Alex Jones Paul Revere contest created on the subject of our public drinking water. To which he replied,

“oh yeah don’t they put fluoride in it??!”

With that, I bid him farewell.


This whole experience, upon reflection, was really illustrative to me how far we have come & how close we are to full fledged Ascension.  Not just in the small victory I had over the TSA’s protocol but the clear awakening demonstrated by those with plastic badges who were wholly incapable of defending their stupid procedures in the face of devout exception.  To hear a TSA agent bring up Chemtrails, Fluoride & shake my hand for saying “no” all in one trip was something truly to behold.

When even the most brainwashed, dumbed down blue monsters of the TSA are experiencing awakening and unable to dissuade the determination of a sovereign soul, I must conclude that we are truly getting somewhere!

Wake County NC GOP Chair Bryant ‘Just does not Know’

Founder’s Truth

Rocco J. Piserchia
December 4, 2102


Last night I went to the monthly meeting of Triangle Conservatives Unite.  This is a Tea Party group that was founded during the Tea Party revolts in 2010.  The meeting was held at Golden Corral in Cary.  When I first arrived I have to admit that I was somewhat disappointed – Golden Corral was no longer serving their sizzling sea food skillet entrees.  Alas I was still able to enjoy what appeared to be steak that was allegedly medium rare. I bought my video camera to capture some of the magic of the meeting since the featured speaker was Susan Bryant, Chair of the Wake County Republican Party. Wake County is among the most populous of all counties in NC and this is also reflected in the Republican party – no county had more registered republicans than Wake at the state GOP convention in 2012. I was genuinely appreciative of Susan’s willingness to visit a Tea Party group – perhaps she thought all who identify with the Tea Party had been co-opted.

If you remember at the inception of the Tea Party there was widespread criticism of both political parties. At one early Tea Party rally I attended in 2010 in Raleigh no elected “official” – Democrat or Republican – was invited to speak.  The essence of the Tea Party is fidelity to the US Constitution over and above fidelity to any political party.  John Boehner, Speaker of the House (R –OH) is a typical example of a corrupt party leader who’s more committed to the GOP than the US Constitution. Boehner like most in the District of Criminals needs to be constantly reminded that they took an oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution NOT their political party.  Unfortunately Boehner is currently busy purging the House leadership of those who refused to vote for his agenda as opposed to voting according to their principles as directed by the Constitution.

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Sovereign Citizen Training for Law Enforcement and Prosecutors

Looks like the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services is getting their minions prepared for some sovereign beings who know their rights. – TGR

Source: VA DCJS

Course Description:

The Virginia Office of the Attorney General (OAG), in cooperation with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS), is pleased to announce a one day training bringing together law enforcement and prosecutors from jurisdictions across the Commonwealth to educate them about the sovereign citizen movement. The sovereign citizen movement involves individuals and groups who uniformly reject federal and state authority. Activities by these groups have included redemption schemes, use of fraudulent driver’s licenses and vehicle plates, and use of documents that falsely claim diplomatic and law enforcement privileges. In recent years, law enforcement personnel in the Commonwealth have experienced a rise in the number of encounters with sovereign citizens. While the majority of these encounters do not involve violence, the potential for harm to law enforcement exists.

Who Should Attend?

This training is restricted to sworn Virginia law enforcement officers and prosecutors in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Topics to be Addressed

This course will address sovereign citizens; laws available for prosecuting sovereign citizen individuals and groups; and effective methods for dealing with them. Topics will include:

  • Introduction and overview of Sovereign Citizen groups
  • Sovereign Citizen ideology and tactics
  • Moorish groups
  • Officer safety and road encounters
  • Legal theories under which Sovereign Citizens claim sovereignty
  • The legalese employed by Sovereign Citizens to confuse law enforcement and the courts
  • How the laws of the Commonwealth can address the crimes typically committed by Sovereign Citizens

Length of training:

One day (7 hours)


There is no registration fee for this course. Participants are responsible for their transportation, lodging, and meal expenses.


  • 12/05/2012 – 12/05/2012 - Charlottesville, VA
      • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
        990 Hilton Heights Road
        Charlottesville, VA, 22901    map
      • 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Pre-registration is required. To register, visit our online registration system.

Training Date and Site

December 5, 2012
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
990 Hilton Heights Road, Charlottesville, VA, 22901, Telephone: 434-973-2121

Maps and Directions to Hotel/training site
Charlottesville Hotel | Maps & Directions | DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Charlottesville


Please contact one of these DCJS staff members:

Gary Coderoni

Shellie MacKenzie

Kathi Lee

Donna Michaelis

Secession or Re-declaration of Independence? SHARE THIS FAR AND WIDE

Source: American National Militia/SoldierHugs

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


The monumental wave of participation in the secessionist petitions has gotten their attention! It is now time for America to unite under


It matters not your gender, your lifestyle, your political or spiritual beliefs, your color, your ethnicity, your station or your occupation. You are either free or you are slaves, there is no in between. You can have Freebies or you can have Freedom but you most certainly cannot have both.





Don’t hesitate to stand and speak for Freedom and Liberty. Since the installation of the Homeland Security Fusion Centers and the government takeover of Facebook they now know more about you than you do yourself! Let them know they have no right and they DO NOT OWN YOU! Stand with ALL AMERICANS and show them YOU ARE NOT A HUMAN RESOURCE FOR THEM TO BUY AND SELL!