THE NEWS Live: Saturn/Moon Matrix as Mind Control Platform for Earth


THE NEWS Live: Saturn/Moon Matrix as Mind Control Platform for Earth

The Moon as artificial satellite signal-enhancer of Moon-Saturn mind control Matrix – Mind control matrix for our planet enabling patterns of war, disease, crime, poverty and perpetual incarnation cycle after cycle after cycle.

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Move the Moon Movement (MMM): The Saturn-Moon Matrix as an artificial platform and mind control Matrix for Earth

Sheldan Nidle September 11 Update: “Eleven years ago on this very date, the dark cabal staged the second part of its coup d’etat whose opening salvo was the assassination of President John F. Kennedy”

4 Cauac, 7 Zip, 9 Eb

Cosmos by Resurgere

Planetary Activation Orgnization

Dratzo! We come today to give you a message. This message is about the coming transformation of your world. At present, a number of spectacular events are happening around your globe. They herald the great change that is preparing to manifest. Humanity is awakening from its long slumber and is no longer inclined to allow its earthly masters to dictate which path to follow. Humanity is now actively advocating that true democracy be established on your world, and the old guard who led the former global kleptocracy is no longer able to force you to blindly obey their commands. The multitudes are calling for a general discussion on every issue. The protests in Mexico, the formal decrees in Iceland, and the active rebellion in Syria demonstrate the degree of determination that lies behind what humanity is demanding en masse from its ‘rulers.’ The time has come for a clean sweep, leading to a wholly new paradigm which can supply real solutions to age-old problems; but above all, it must be a time when universal sovereignty becomes a living, breathing reality that is honored and safeguarded by every nation on the planet.

Eleven years ago on this very date, the dark cabal staged the second part of its coup d’etat whose opening salvo was the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. This coup succeeded beyond all expectations, reducing the world to the point where it became possible to order and control all manifested events. This easy setup changed abruptly when the Anunnaki and their dark overlords downed their weapons and ‘came to the table’ with the Galactic Federation in the Truce of Anchara. Suddenly the Earth minions where set adrift without the firm guidance which they had come to rely on heavily and their subsequent actions reflected the lack of this leadership. The result was a more crudely prepared series of events. Happily, we are now benefiting from the dark cabal’s unsophisticated modus operandi, as it is this very ineptitude, coupled with Heaven’s steady increase of humanity’s consciousness, that has created the predicaments that are to push the cabal from power. Now the cabal is out of options, and all that remains is for it to let go of its relentless grip on global affairs and accede to the demands of Heaven for its immediate surrender.

We in the Galactic Federation have guided humanity’s rebellion to its present level. Your Inner Earth family has likewise provided the expertise to get many governments to the point of surrender. The key to these resignations is the global monetary system. As the fiat system that governs your economies is on the verge of collapse, the final straws will be the series of changes in the way international banking operates coupled with the move to new precious-metals-backed currencies. This precious-metals standard will have two vital repercussions: first, international speculation in gold is to be brought under stringent regulation to ensure the stability of the new monetary system. Second, the advent of hard currency will flush fiat money from the money markets. Value must follow value, and this can precipitate world trade and its banks into an immense crisis. Enter the new system waiting in the wings! Those banks unable to secure their place in this system will be plowed under, putting enormous pressure on each nation’s central bank.

Each government will undergo a number of critical days. Governments will resign under the pressure; new caretaker regimes will be put in place; and the global upheaval will help to bring on the proclamation of N.E.S.A.R.A. in North America. In short, the multiple objectives of our Earth allies will be realized as all these changing regimes will allow a global version of N.E.S.A.R.A. to come into being. This will be followed by the formal announcements. These are the statements that make your new reality possible. The Light can then trump what the dark cabal set in motion in the mid-1960s with the Kennedy assassination. The truth of many things will be brought forth, including the ‘odd’ events of the 2000 US presidential election and the destruction of New York’s World Trade Center and the attack on the Pentagon. One of the goals was the two illegal wars, waged to continue US control over the increasingly corrupt global financial system. All these crimes are to be adjudicated when the War Crimes Tribunal shortly begins its special sessions.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come this day to relate some more news about your world. Gaia is in the midst of great changes, and we have asked her to slow down temporarily the pace of her surface changes. She dearly wishes to reorder her reality and reunite her surface and interior realms. She knows what we are doing and sincerely asks us to accelerate the momentous operation of transforming her surface peoples. This we are doing. Our many adherents are busy working to put into play a new society for each and every one of you, and this is getting to the point where a series of actions are to force massive change. The key to these actions lies, in the East, with Quan Yin and a celestial helper, and with Count St. Germaine and other Ascended Masters in the West. Their conjoined activities are being coordinated by liaisons assigned to us by the Galactic Federation’s first contact team.

These actions will create a new financial system for your world, whose centerpiece is a global monetary system tied to precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. This new monetary system will be administered by a number of nations and operated by a new banking system. This will end the dollar-oriented fiat system established at the end of WWII by the newly founded United Nations. The central determinant of the new system is the completely reoriented, interlocking cooperative of central banks. It will work under a set of laws that encourages full transparency and the divulging of all monetary procedures. These new laws will effectively put the old-order banks into a state of bankruptcy. This development will lead to the breakup and re-chartering of the present multifaceted, criminal financial corporations. The new banking will precipitate new governance.

The new governments will be the natural outcome of the growing frustration of the public concerning the nonsensical, criminal activities of the international political environment that spawned and supported a banking system that would have destituted your entire world. Your new form of governance, like the new financial system, is to be truly transparent and will rid the planet of its biggest blight: professional politicians! These scoundrels and assorted hangers-on are to go the way of the dinosaurs. Because of the untold damage they wreaked on the planet and her life forms, they are to acknowledge their ‘crimes against life’ and ask forgiveness of those blessed creatures whom they helped toward extinction. In this regard we hold it to be our duty to create a realm whose blessedness provides joy and prosperity for all. The time for these heavenly blessings has come!
Today, we continued our discussion of the events of the day. The moment has arrived for a new reality. It is also time for you to end the veil of ignorance that envelops you and for you to learn that you are not alone. A grand entourage of Beings, both ethereal and physical, has come to assist you in your return to full consciousness. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


“We Are The Future,” personal sovereignty and Ron Paul

I’m three days out of the Ron Paul “We Are the Future” rally and I am still trying to find words to properly explain the significance and impact this event will have.

Ron Paul. my girlfriend Charlee and myself circa 2011

We live in extraordinary times. There is an absolute disconnect between what America has traditionally looked to for the truth and what actually is transpiring around us. This shouldn’t be news to anyone – of course I’m referring to the controlled institution most commonly referred to as the “Mainstream Media.” If you were to watch nothing but TV, the political system would seem to be working as usual; Mitt Romney is being nominated and it will be another rousing battle between Coke and Pepsi. However, the truth of the matter is far different than what the television would have you believe and my experience at the “We Are the Future Rally” is proof positive of this fact.

Unfortunately, I witnessed a lot of discouraged souls who seemed a little lost as to how to move forward after being thrown under the political bus. Ron Paul is not going to win the Republican nomination, and furthermore his message was not even embraced at the RNC. Stories are being published about the disharmony within the ranks of the republican establishment. Pictures of riot police with semi-automatic weapons are now pouring into the blogosphere which is causing many to wonder why?

An activist lies in front of a police-line during a protest on the streets outside the Republican National Convention in Tampa Florida

To add insult to injury, the weather was not too nice courtesy of a category 2 hurricane which just-so-happened to visit us while we were in Tampa. I’ll save the HAARP discussion for another blog post – but the convergence of tyranny, rule changes, confusion, and a hurricane was at least poetic!


Hurricane Isaac

So What’s Next?

That’s the big question and seemed to be on everyone’s mind. It’s a valid question because there has been a lot of effort put into this movement and I get the impression many still feel winning elections should be the result of those efforts. However, please consider the concept of Ron Paul’s run for president- it’s predicated on an interesting idea – that we could elect someone who simply represents the constitution and through that vehicle somehow reinstate the original intent of our founding documents to the tyrannical and oppressive government itself. It’s a great concept but ultimately the problems we face are far more complex and immense than one man or one election.

The good news is, most of the movement is already aware of this fact.

Deep down, I think Ron has known that his role was as an educator, not some superman who could attain the office of the presidency and somehow reverse course. As political activists we should have recognized this long ago, especially since Barack Obama was “the one” who would do just that. We already know how that experiment turned out.

Ironically, it’s the constitution which established the divine right of all men to be free – a declaration which really diminished the power of any president, king, or ruler to make any notable difference in the lives of the average man. I say ironic because I get the impression that many believe they will not be able to regain their freedoms without electing someone like Ron Paul to office, when the very document we are fighting for states you don’t need a president or political party to grant you these rights. These are our divine rights – innate to us simply by existing.


“We The People. who hold these truths to be self evident…”

That said, I still have vehement loyalty to Ron Paul and his cause simply because I credit his presidential run in 2008 with the beginning of my true education which has lead to a dramatic spiritual awakening.

The political vehicle and playing along with the illusion is a cause worth supporting, even though at the end of the day I knew the problems we face are much greater than one man, one political party or even a single country. As Alex Jones accurately states – this is a war against the mind; a spiritual war that seeks to dehumanise and convince us inherently sovereign beings that we are worthless as individuals, incapable of making our own decisions. Despite all the tyranny, mechanisms of control and systems meant to dumb us down, this is the spirit and conviction Ron is nudging us to discover.

In 2008 I was just graduating from college and beginning life as many Americans do: working a job, buying a house, and trying to find my place in society. What has transpired since then has been nothing short of transformational, as Ron Paul and his legion of supporters have helped me to understand my own true power; the power within. As I learned the ideals of free market economics, independent free thinking, and the true history of the United States I have discovered not just the power within, but also the most startling truth of all; we are not alone in the universe.

In college, I was interested in the UFO phenomenon and all the mystique surrounding secret military bases like Area 51 and Groom Lake. One of the first reactions I had to Ron Paul’s 2008 run for president was “If the taxpayers are funding military bases that house UFO technology, why don’t we know about it?” I even submitted a pre-taped question to one of the CNN presidential debates hoping it would be addressed.

Questions like these have plagued me since I “woke up” and now, it seems there is more interest in this issue than ever before.

As fate would have it, I discovered that the interest in these subjects was predictable and predicted! I would later learn that the Mayans and many other ancient cultures predicted a time where humans on earth would hear a silent alarm clock – calling them to WAKE UP spiritually and seek truth. As prophecy goes, this would lead to a deconstruction of the “Old World Order” and the birth of a new era.

Certainly the awakening began long before 2008, but as I found out everyone has a different “time” to wake up. We are all on a schedule and everyone is where they are supposed to be. Often times we get frustrated with the difficulty in waking up our fellow citizens but after playing this “game” for 4 years I have developed a new methodology.

I have learned that we are all beings of light, and can magnetically attract those who are similar spiritually and therefore more open to whatever information you can impart. With a little practice, one can learn to tune into your own energies and the energies of others in order to ‘pull in’ those who are ready to hear your message. This results in an incredible field of resonance where semi-telepathic communications can take place. You may be saying different words, but on a deeper level two souls who are in a similar mindspace can communicate freely and understand most of what the other is trying to say.


We are all beings of light, destined to bring the light of truth to the surface of planet earth

Those who were awoken by Ron Paul in 2008 are now on a vastly different path in 2012 than they were only 4 years ago.

Those who were awoken this time around in 2012 will be in a completely different state of existence in 2016…and so on and so forth.

The trigger is always different – mine was monetary policy which lead me to understand how finance controls our lives. For others – it might be 9/11, chemtrails, immigration, or war. The idea is to listen first, and then speak with others on the level you understand them to be at. You may discover they are more awakened than you, or vice versa! The point of all this is to learn, and expand the light and share your consciousness with whoever will listen with an open heart.

What’s the point in saying all this and what does it have to do with all the activities going on in Tampa? As you’ll find below, I tested this new methodology and had stunning results!

If you follow this blog you may already be aware that I have a little fun from time to time by hiding cards with the The Golden Rule’s “logo” on it. My belief is that if someone is so guided to grab the card and visit the website – they were “meant” to do so by some higher force. It may not result in an awakening, but it definitely provides an anchor point where future events can be referenced back to any information found on The Golden Rule. This is my way of helping to bring light to the world, and it’s feel like a game! Here are some examples:

If you attended the “We Are The Future” rally, you may have found one of these cards on the stairs, toilets, sink, or even in your pocket! Many of them I’m sure where thrown away and ignored, but two of them were not!

Two Noteworthy but Unlikely Meetings

One attendee named George picked up my card as I dropped it, and struck up a conversation. Initially we began talking about 9/11 truth but within 30 seconds somehow were discussing the Annunaki and how Humanity has been interfered with by negatively oriented 4th density extraterrestrials. We discussed genetic manipulation, the physics behind UFO phenomenon and how there is so much more to all this than American flags and delegate counts. George admitted that he was just scratching the surface of the “alien stuff,” but was awoken by 9/11. He lived through 9/11 and did not become aware of the vast conspiracy behind it until 2005. I suspect that his conversation with me has lead him to look at the world in a vastly different light and I hope he visits The Golden Rule as a way to help deepen that knowledge and find more sources of information.


9/11 has acted as a portal through which many have discovered the role secret socieites have played in our nation’s history

Unfortunately George explained how his belief in extra terrestrials had caused a rift between friends and family, and a subsequent shedding of old relationships which no longer “vibed.” I empathized with that, since I too have had my own struggles with friends and family who are still “in the matrix.”

Later in the evening there was a dinner hosted at nearby Whiskey Joe’s where many of the rally-goers met for drink and food to celebrate our cause. The unfortunate coincidence named Isaac left us struggling to socialize, but my last conversation for the night was at the bar. I bumped into two gentlemen who had a very interesting story. Andy (the one politely conversing with my girlfriend) I found out was a wealthy heir to family fortune. According to Todd, he was literally a billionaire.

Todd was a self described carpenter and veteran…a man who worked with his hands. Stark contrast with Andy who Todd described could “buy himself.”

While speaking I got the impression Andy was sick and tired of the regulatory environment here in the U.S, and was ready to call it quits and retire. Peter Schiff makes this point all the time. True entrepreneurs enjoy building companies and if the economic freedoms are not restored, they sometimes say “screw it” and leave the country. For A types this inability can wear them out and sometimes cause depression!

Anyways – Todd described how these two unlikely of friends met. I would think many Ron Paul attendees have felt a similar alienation in their own social cliques. Todd explained; He lived nearby and was well known due to his wealth and friendly nature, but many in his family thought he was nuts. After so many times hearing this from different folks in the community, he asked Andy point blank one day: “So Andy, why does everyone think you’re nuts. Of course, Andy replied not by giving one or two reasons – simply providing the website INFOWARS. Ok – now we’re getting somewhere. I could sense a fire in his eyes that moved me to speak quite freely. Since he was an infowars listener, I figured he could take it – at which time I brought up the interviews I had conducted with US Army Vet Dutch about the black budget military and UFO incident in Roswell. He seemed intrigued, and asked me “what I thought about those aliens.”

Choosing my words carefully, I replied “I think a lot about them but I’m not sure where to start.”

What followed was a conversation about the Annunaki, Pleiadians, extraterrestrials, density levels of existence and the whole “ascension scenario” that I myself have awoken to. He explained how the discovery of this information has totally changed his outlook on life, but finds it difficult to deal with since it is still so fringe. I reassured him that in 2008, Ron Paul’s policies were seen as fringe whereas in 2012 we find the majority of Americans agreeing with his ideas. Now, in 2012 we have mainstream poltical activists discussing resonance, telepathy, vibrational ascension of mother earth, and the genetic manipulation of mankind from extraterrestrials – imagine where we will be in 2016! He agreed that this was ascension at work.


The Pleiadians are one of many ET races who have helped humanity during its path to ascension

Having never had a family or friend who he could speak with about these subjects, he eagerly traded contact information and promised to keep in touch. He was amazed to meet someone on the same page as him – even his Andy – “who was nuts!” did not entertain such subjects.

The simple act of speaking to one another and sharing information is in itself an expansion of consciousness. He mentioned that he has read the information we shared in books or on the internet – but until now had a hard time accepting it as REAL. Having met another living sentient being with the same understanding seemed to unlocked something in him which will blossom into a beautiful unfolding of reality – one which certainly had him looking at life the next day in a totally different light than only hours before.

After exchanging spirited handshakes he expressed genuine happiness to have bumped into me, but little dismayed at our prospects. The task feels so daunting – how could he express these new found understandings to others when even those closest to him will not listen?

I explained that we met for a reason. The ascension of mother earth and the unfolding of the divine plan is the very reason we met at all! The objective should be to know this, and continue to fine-tune the application of the law of one and law of attraction. By doing so – and having open conversation we can raise each other’s vibration, thus the collective vibration of ourselves and the planet and…” he interrupted – “bring us back to…full consciousness?”

It was a true moment for the two of us. We truly felt the energy and light infused at that moment and stood in awe of the mutual understanding.

Daniel Holeman’s depiction of Earth’s Ascension

He agreed, and then we parted ways.

Luckily I do not think the Ron Paul crowd will have trouble with these ideas. One of the central themes of Ron Paul’s speech and the general feeling I got from many in attendance is that the next step is to BECOME RON PAUL. Ron Paul is just one person – and it’s the discovery that we are all capable of greatness that will forge the path forward. Discovery of your own sovereignty is the only way despite all the impediments and blockades placed in our path.

This will be Ron Paul’s greatest legacy.

It was a message well receieved: