Policy Enforcer vs. Peaceful Traveler

Source: SovereignTactics.org

By Randy Stroud

March 17, 2014

This is a traffic stop based on true events that happened to me about 2 years ago. I tried to keep the script as close as possible from my memory as to what was said. This demonstrates the violence that agents of the state are willing to use in order to enforce their opinions upon the mass. Less than a third of the population even votes, yet these small group of men/women, calling themselves “public servants” believe that they can call us criminals, even if we haven’t harmed anyone or their property.  Furthermore, the services they offer are completely monopolized and propped up by racketeering. Enjoy the following scenario.

Officer: Hi, I need your Drivers License and registration, this is a safety checkpoint.

Me:   I am being stopped without cause? And I am not driving , Im traveling privately and am not conducting commerce. I don’t have licenses, and if I ever have had one it was created under duress. And I am who I am. I am not a name. And if I did have those things, they are private property and you need a warrant for those things.

Officer: What is your social security number sir?

Me: I do not recognize such a number as I do not accept the mark of the beast. I conduct commerce peacefully sir.

Officer: How do you work if you dont have a social security number?

Me: I use my hands to work with sir.

Officer: When is your date of birth?

Me: I do not recall that day, as I had no cognitive abilities. My birthdate is only hearsay. However, I can give you a guess as to when I was conceived.

Officer: What’s your nationality?

Me: Pledging allegiance to a flag or a king, also violates my religious beliefs. As far as I know, I am just a natural inhabitant of North America. I am not familiar with such classifications.

Officer: what is your current address?

Me: Where I lay my head is home sir. I am a nomad.

Officer: Hmmm….are you a liberal or a conservative?

Me: I am male, whom is 5’11 and 165 pounds sir. I am not familiar with such labels.

Officer: Do you know why I stopped you?

Me: I only stopped because you have a gun, and I am very afraid for my life. I haven’t harmed any persons or property. Please don’t kill me.

Officer: Im not going to kill you! I just pulled you over because your headlights were not on and its raining, and the law says you must have them on so Im going to write you a ticket, sign it here please. This is a routine matter. We often set up checkpoints during inclement weather to make sure folks are driving safe.

Me: Do I have to sign it?

Officer: You dont have to. But, if you don’t a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

Me: So If I don’t sign it, you will kidnap me?

Officer: Call it what you want, but I’m not going to arrest you. A warrant will be issued and someone from county will come find you and arrest you later.

Me: So one of your co-workers will kidnap me?

Officer: It’s not kidnapping, you broke the law, and their are consequences for breaking the law.

Me: Who is the “law”, and what harm have I brought to him or his property?

Officer: The law is not a person, its rules that the legislators write up that we as a society have to follow. I don’t have time for this, sign the ticket, or be arrested. It’s your choice!

Me: But, I thought you said I didn’t have to sign it. Now you are saying if I don’t then i’ll be kidnapped by men carrying guns. How is that choice?

Officer: You have five seconds to sign it or else I’m calling you in.

Me: If I don’t sign it, you will issue a warrant for my arrest. And once the officers attempt to kidnap me, what will happen if I defend myself against my kidnappers?

Officer: If you resist arrest you could face additional charges or potentially meet lethal corrective actions taken by the officers.

Me: So you are saying that by not having my headlights on while their is a light drizzle at 3 o clock in the afternoon, that I could be killed by agents of the state for not complying?

Officer: If you continue to resist, then possibly. But, it would only be because you are forcing us to.

Me: With all due respect sir. During this conversation, I’ve already turned on my headlights. Thank you for your concern. You have done a good deed by looking out for my safety, yet how is extorting me of my hard earned money and threatening me with violence going to solve anything?

Officer: That’s great that you turned your lights on, but I can’t just let you go. Because then no one would turn on their headlights. We have to use force in order to gain compliance.

Me: Have you ever heard of positive propaganda and self-responsibility? You can encourage a message and promote a certain behavior without using violence. And my actions have not caused any damage to any property or person, so if I do go to court, who would be the victim?

Officer: I understand where you are coming from, but the law is the law. And in your case, the “State of Tennessee” would be the victim.

Me: Will he be in court that day?

Officer: Who?

Me: The state of Tennessee. You said he was the victim. Or is it a she?

Officer: Sir! The State of Tennessee is not a person. It’s a governing body. For example, I work for the state. The state is just an organization or title. Like “Mcdonalds”.

Me: If this so called “organization” called “The state” is acting as the victim, dont I have the right to face my accusor and cross-examine the victim?

Officer: Well, the state of Tennessee is made up of citizens. And by breaking our laws, you are victimizing the people of Tennessee. And public servants such as myself, represent the people.

Me: Which people? What are their names? Their are millions upon millions of people who live within these lands. And do you have evidence that they have authorized you to represent them? Am I considered a part of “the people”. Have I victimized myself today?

Officer: Alright, I’m going to let you off with a warning. From now on, keep your headlights on when it’s raining. Drive safe.

Me: I’m not driving, I’m traveling. And thank you for your concern. Have a nice day. (In my head: Thanks for not kidnapping me or killing me)

Drives off slowly………. I notice in my rear view mirror that two other cars had been pulled over at the checkpoint. This particular checkpoint was under a bridge.

(This scenario could have easily played out differently. You CAN be killed over not wearing your seat-belt . The “law” is just an opinion with a gun. True law is natural and common sense in nature. No victim, no crime! I have no idea why the officer didn’t proceed, perhaps he thought it wasn’t worth it, or maybe he just thought he could meet his quota faster by pulling over more compliant victims.  I was extremely lucky.

The truth remains. Failing to wear your seat belt can cause you death in two ways. By getting into a wreck , or by refusing to pay a traffic ticket and resisting your kidnappers attempt to lock you into their cages.   The only difference is, being in a wreck is usually an accident. But, being pulled over and threatened with guns is NOT an accident. These officers choose to enforce laws that punish people for victimless actions.

The idea of arresting someone for something that “might” happen is absurd and immoral.

I salute officers who take down rapists, serial killers, robbers, vandals and those who do harm against others and their property. But, I cannot support their actions against the innocent.

It is my belief that through logic, philosophy, technology, and through understanding how a true free-market works, that monopolized government services can be ultimately rendered obsolete and replaced with privatization whereas anyone would be allowed to build roads, offer protection, ect…

It’s not a far-fetched idea. It’s just the facilitation of an age old practice called “Voluntary trade”.


Randy Stroud

Sovereigntactics.org 2014

Newly Found Megalithic Ruins In Russia Contain The Largest Blocks Of Stone Ever Discovered

Source: The Truth Wins

By Michael Snyder

Mount Shoria

An incredible discovery that was recently made in Russia threatens to shatter conventional theories about the history of the planet.  On Mount Shoria in southern Siberia, researchers have found an absolutely massive wall of granite stones.  Some of these gigantic granite stones are estimated to weigh more than 3,000 tons, and as you will see below, many of them were cut “with flat surfaces, right angles, and sharp corners”.  Nothing of this magnitude has ever been discovered before.  The largest stone found at the megalithic ruins at Baalbek, Lebanon is less than 1,500 tons.  So how in the world did someone cut 3,000 ton granite stones with extreme precision, transport them up the side of a mountain and stack them 40 meters high?  According to the commonly accepted version of history, it would be impossible for ancient humans with very limited technology to accomplish such a thing.  Could it be possible that there is much more to the history of this planet than we are being taught?

For years, historians and archaeologists have absolutely marveled at the incredibly huge stones found at Baalbek.  But some of these stones in Russia are reportedly more than twice the size.  Needless to say, a lot of people are getting very excited about this discovery.  The following comes from a Mysterious Universe article

Alternate history buffs are about to be whipped into a frenzy!  OK, maybe not, but they will find this interesting.

An ancient “super-megalithic” site has been found in the Siberian Mountains.  Found recently in Gornaya Shoria (Mount Shoria) in southern Siberia, this site consists of huge blocks of stone, which appear to be granite, with flat surfaces, right angles, and sharp corners.  The blocks appear to be stacked, almost in the manner of cyclopean masonry, and well…they’re enormous!

Russia is no stranger to ancient megalithic sites, like Arkaim or Russia’s Stonehenge, and the Manpupuner formation, just to name two, but the site at Shoria is unique in that, if it’s man-made, the blocks used are undoubtedly the largest ever worked by human hands.

When I say that this is a new discovery, I am not kidding.  In fact, the very first expedition to study these stones happened just a few months ago.  Prior to this expedition, there were no known photographs of these megalithic stones.  Archaeologist John Jensen is mystified by these ancient ruins, and the following is an excerpt from a post on his personal blog

The super megaliths were found and photographed for the first time by Georgy Sidorov on a recent expedition to the Southern Siberian mountains. The following images are from Valery Uvarov’s Russian website.

There are no measurements given, but from the scale depicted by the human figures, these megaliths are much larger (as much as 2 to 3 times larger) than the largest known megaliths in the world. (Example: The Pregnant Woman Stone of Baalbek, Lebanon weighs in at approximately 1,260 ton). Some of these megaliths could easily weigh upwards of 3,000 to 4,000 tons.

Below, I have posted some of the images that he was referring to.  As you can see, they are absolutely stunning…

Russian Megalthic Ruins Discovered 1

Russian Megalthic Ruins Discovered 6

Russian Megalthic Ruins Discovered 7

Russian Megalthic Ruins Discovered 8

Mount Shoria 2

Another very unusual thing about these stones is that they caused the compasses of the researchers to start behaving very strangely.

The following is an excerpt from a story on a Russian news source

Some events that were happening during the autumn expedition could probably be called mystical. The compasses of the geologists behaved very strangely, for some unknown reason their arrows were deviating from the megaliths. What could this mean? All that was clear was that they came across an inexplicable phenomenon of the negative geomagnetic field. Could this be a remnant of ancient antigravity technologies?

Of course much more research needs to be done on this site.

Nobody knows who cut these stones or how old they are.

Jensen believes that they come from a time “well back into the mists of pre-history”

These megaliths reach well back into the mists of pre-history, so far in fact, that conjecture about their ‘builders’, methods, purpose and meaning is pure speculation, and as such, I would hesitate to offer any observation at all, other than to say our pre-historical past is richer than we ever dreamed.

These stones are likely to remain an unsolved mystery for a very long time.

But what is abundantly clear is that according to the commonly accepted version of history they should not be there.

And of course this is far from the only site around the world that contains massive megalithic ruins.  Perhaps the most famous are the megalithic ruins at Baalbek, Lebanon…

Baalbek Stone

The following is some information about Baalbek from one of my previous articles…

The ancient city of Baalbek is one of the greatest archaeological mysteries of all time. Located east of the Litani River in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon, Baalbek is world famous for its exquisitely detailed yet monumentally scaled Roman temple ruins. In Roman times, Baalbek was known as Heliopolis (after the sun god) and it contained some of the largest and most notable Roman temples ever built. In fact, the Romans had constructed an extraordinary temple complex in Baalbek consisting of three separate temples – one for Jupiter, one for Bacchus and one for Venus. But what these Roman temples were built on top of is much more important. These Roman temples were actually built on top of an ancient 5 million square foot platform that was made from some of the largest stones ever used in any construction project in the history of the earth.  In fact, the largest stone found near the Baalbek ruins weighs approximately 1200 tons and is about 64 feet long.  To put that in perspective, that is the equivalent of approximately 156 full size African elephants.

How people in ancient times were able to move such massive stones is a complete mystery.  In fact, these giant construction stones were stacked so closely together that you can’t even fit a piece of paper between many of them.  Many of the architectural feats found at Baalbek cannot even be duplicated with 21st century technology.

So how did they do it?

How did they move such massive stones to create a structure of such intricate precision?

Keep in mind that the base of the Baalbek ruins alone weighs approximately 5 billion tons.

Evidence continues to mount that very sophisticated technology was used in the ancient world.

These megalithic ruins are undeniable reminders of highly advanced ancient civilizations.

So who were they and what happened to them?

Could it be possible that they were wiped out by a massive global cataclysm such as a global flood?

Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

About the author: Michael T. Snyder is a former Washington D.C. attorney who now publishes The Truth. His new thriller entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on Amazon.com.