MT Keshe offers the world’s governments “The Most Advanced Technology Known to Man”

Looks like MT Keshe has been busy since the Keshe Foundation held its  free energy summit on September 6, making clear his intent to release the patents, designs and technology to whichever government authority procures said information through appropriate channels.  On Keshe’s forum he writes;

From now on it is the responsibility of each nation to take part in the spaceship program.

All your government’s officials need to do is to send a message to the Keshe Foundation through from the embassy of the nation or the government and just make an appointment for us to make a USB key with all the information on it with documents of receipt ready for them to pick up the USB stick from the Keshe Foundation center in Ninove.

Now the only way your nation can fall behind is through their own fault and their lack of interest in your nation and not for us to show a unit or chew the food for them. Let them make the unit themselves and then they can bring your nation up to present world of science.

We are so open that now we leave 180 countries and territories to ask their university students to make the simple units and prove the technology to your nation and for them to bring their nations to join the spaceship program.

As Italian’s and Sierra Leonean’s can tell your ambassadors from the spaceship USB stick that they have recived from us, we have even left the address of the manufacture of the systems on the stick that they can, if they like, order a copy reactor made for them, that they can immediately implement the initial tests if they like to follow our design or they can try their own versions.

The real race for space for all world citizens now has started on equal bases and it cost less than few thousands euros to join the advance nations for self sufficiency in energy and space program.

We foresee by end of the year the majority of the nations would have started their spaceship program and soon they realize that there is a need for implication of the ethos of peace as governmental and national frontiers are becoming irrelevant.

Through our recent postings on the forum We have already received inquiries from governments that they would like to receive the spaceship USB sticks From the Keshe Foundation in the coming week for them not to be behind their neighboring countries.

Please do not try to get in touch that you can pick up the key for your nation, as you are aware we only work with diplomatic credential passport and this has proven to be the only correct way to access the technology.

It is the responsibility of each individual on this forum to let this news to be known by their government and let them to make request through correct channels for them to accept the USB stick as the government of Italy and others through these channel have received the technology in full.

We are considering Tuesday the 6.11.2012 as the handover key day to different nations as we cannot go to every embassy one by one.

We are trying to organize the third peace conference for early next year not for ambassadors but for world leaders once they understand what information they have received from the Keshe Foundation on these USB sticks.

This time we are looking into Middle East for world leaders to attend the world peace conference as the first two presentations have been held in Europe.

We have already made our interest known for our first priority location to the international organization in that part of the world and waiting for their response.

Inform your ambassadors to make arrangements through their diplomatic corps with the Keshe Foundation with their representative diplomatic passport to attend the center on the 6.11.2012 and claim your nation’s rights to the SSP USB stick, for your nation to start their freedom from all earthly resources for their energy, space and health systems.

M T Keshe
The director of the Keshe Foundation

Here Keshe announces that Japan is the latest nation to accept the transfer of technology, joining Italy in the process:

The Keshe Foundation is proud to announce that as of Friday 2 .11.2012 the Royal Imperial nation of Japan is the latest nation which has received the spaceship USB stick from the Keshe Foundation.The gift of the SSP program was handed over to the embassy of the Japan on Friday 2.11.2012 at 1.30 pm.From this day the nation of Japan can help its people to help themselves in cleaning-up of the Fukushima nuclear spillage using the gravitational space technology to contain any nuclear radiation leakage into the atmosphere and its surrounding areas.The transfers of technology to the government of japan allows the nation to develop their own new energy supply system. This making this nation independent of import of energy as the nation become self-sufficient in matter of handful of years.The content of all the SSP USB sticks for all nations is exactly the same and all are copied from the same mother master file. Therefore all nations receive the same patents and blueprint of apace reactor technology from the Keshe Foundation.We congratulate the nation of japan in reciving the SSP USB stick.We have offered the government of japan our full technological support to achieve and realize the technology as fast as possible for help in their present situation with the nuclear problem of the country.

The technology transfer to the goverment of Japan was done on no charge bases and as free gift from the Keshe Foundation to the hard working nation of Japan.

We welcome the nation of the japan into the SSP program family.

M T Keshe
The Founder of the Keshe Foundation