Life as a 4th Dimensional Galactic Human – Alfred Webre & Tolec

Becoming a Galactic Human

In this wide-ranging interview alleged Andromeda Council source “Tolec” and Exopolitician Alfred Webre discuss human life after the shift.  Tolec, who has worked as an information technology administrator for over 20 years, claims to be an exclusive contactee from the Andromeda Council  offering information about our transition.  The Andromeda Council is a political grouping of different representatives from civilizations in our solar system and Galaxy and are presently assisting with the ascension of our earth and population.

The topics cover many conventional topics and how they will be different in the Golden Age including the incarnation process, work, play, food, relationships and travel.  Tolec also describes our new 4th dimensional vibratory rate which will precipitate the transition to becoming a galactic civilization.  This also means we will have different physical characteristics and a new way of life as our human origins are systematically revealed to the surface population.  For more Andromeda council information and intel onn the shift, please visit the following links:

CAVEAT LECTOR: The views expressed by the interviewee in these articles are not the views of ExopoliticsTV (Or Golden-Rule). Readers are encouraged to exercise independent research and judgment. In the view of ExopoliticsTV, the “Andromeda Council” may be in fact an assumed name by a terrestrial or non-terrestrial inter dimensional entity or entities and not a true galactic governance council.