SGT Report: Use of Gold and Silver coins go viral in Malaysia

The most striking aspect of the military operation in Libya is that one of the first things the alleged “rebels” did after toppling Libya’s elected government is set up a central bank.  This was especially troublesome considering Gadaffi threatened the use of Gold Dinars and Silver dirhams in a new African economic order which threatened western fiat control.  Despite the west’s intervention in Libya (and elsewhere), the use of real money is spreading far and wide.  Gold and Silver are the best suited commodities for a global currency since they are comparably valued everywhere – despite cultures, borders or oceans.  According to a new article put out by SGT report, the spread of honest money is continuing in earnest!  The use of silver and gold in mutually consented upon transactions are the only way to end banker-occupation and release the people from the fiat empire.


Well friends, things are looking up for free people around the world who value REAL money. I just received an update from reader and physical precious metals stacker Dean Arif, the Program Director of Dinihari Dinar (The Dawn of the Dinar) in Malaysia.

Dean reports that the use of physical gold and physical silver in the form of gold dinars and silver dirhams, has spread from Malaysia to Indonesia and has now gone viral in Singapore, Brunei and Philippines!

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