Jordan Maxwell calls global awakening, also, divine intervention?

In 2010 world renowned religious and secret society researcher Jordan Maxwell gave an interview where he made a curious prediction…

I see so many good people thinking they are going to change something, and they’re going to take America back and that kind of thing.  But I know what has been put into place is so diabolical and so well financed and so well thought out, that unless we have intervention from a higher source…I don’t see America being saved at all.  I don’t see the human RACE being saved…Because the powers that be have locked in what they’re doing and they will KILL YOU if you try to stop it.  Unless there is some kind of an intervention,  some sort of spiritual intervention into mankind’s affairs, I’m afraid the Human experiment has failed.

“…Incidentally I believe sometime after April of next year [2011], the entire monstrosity of conspiracies are going to come into the public mind.  I think they are going to start breaking down big time, people are going to begin to see what has really been going on for a long time, it’s going to come out.  People like Gerald Celente are helping to awaken people to how this stuff really works, and I think that next year, sometime after April of next year is my gut feeling, there is going to be a massive awakening to the conspiratorial apparatus that’s been set up around the world and especially over America.”

The awakening is obvious – people see it, hear it and most can simply feel it, but what of divine intervention?  The hypothesis thus far has been an escalation of violence/destruction and hell in 2012 but so far we have had a series of events that just seem to play out in our favor.  Could this be divine intervention?  If you read Pleiadian or Andromedan channels, they certainly claim responsibility for the “assistance” being lent to humanity.  The evidence for our global awakening is clear – but what about divine intervention?

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